Xbox Live soon to cost $10 Per month?

CC: There has been a lot of talk over the price of Xbox Live in the last year, with rumours of it's monthly subscription being chopped to compete with the PlayStation Network which is free. According to analyst Michael Pachter however, Live will soon cost you $10 per month.

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AngryTypingGuy2999d ago (Edited 2999d ago )

All I have to say is that increasing the price of Live when the competition is free would be a very unwise move on Microsoft's part. I think they know this, and that is why I don't see it happening, but then again, stranger things have happened.

I've preferred MS all this time because I like the exclusives and especially the controller better, not to mention that most of my friends have the 360 and are on Live. But for $120 a year vs. free, I can get used to an inferior controller, and I while I'd miss Gears, Halo, Mass Effect and Fable, I'd welcome MGS4 and Uncharted. Not to mention I'm sure that more of my friends would make the jump too if the price hike did take place. I don't think it'll happen though.

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Chrisny852999d ago

i will laugh if he is right

Man_of_the_year2997d ago (Edited 2997d ago )

Ya that is a pretty far fetch prediction.

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mj2463000d ago

They'll lose a lot of customers if this is true. Including me.

Hopefully MS won't be so greedy to do that!

_insane_gamer_3000d ago

i would be so pissed off with MS if its true, but like they say, he just guesses most of the time.

Elven63000d ago

Relax guys, this is just Patcher talking, according to him, shouldn't XBL be $100 by now.

Darkeyes3000d ago

Lol Patcher.. Was wondering where this guy was lately.

militant073000d ago

I wonder why people make a big deal of this, this all BS, there is no way they are rising the price, did you hear it ? NO WAY

joydestroy3000d ago

"According to analyst Michael Pachter however, Live will soon cost you $10 per month."

enough said lol

bigrudowsky3000d ago

I doubt they will do that well at least not for long. People wouldnt pay that much just to play online. Well at least i hope not it would only ruin it for the rest of us. 120$ wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to much
they better have dedicated servers on every game free dlc and then some

Rockox3000d ago

If the price of Live were to be raised, I would drop it in a second, no brainer. I can barely justify its price right now.

Noctis Aftermath3000d ago

I stopped reading once i read "patcher".

StanLee3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

It's funny, Pachter only says this stuff to piss off Gafers and the internet so he's fully aware of the puedo celebrity he has become. I saw that episode of the Bonus Round and it's clear he was joking but gaming doesn't really have competent journalists so everything warrants commenting and debate.

Edit: From the comments I've read, it also seems the posters at N4G also aren't discerning enough to realise when Pachter is being facetious. Stupid me, I don't know why I thought you would be. *sigh*

IdleLeeSiuLung3000d ago

There has been so many Xbox Live sales lately that it is rather easy to get 12-months for $30! How are they going to raise the price by a factor of 4?

Lifendz3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

I mean, why raise the price when you know you're going to P*** a lot of people off. But considering that: 1) the price of 360 is getting cheaper and MS isn't one to do the customer a favor. Raising the price of Live can balance that out; and 2) 360 peripherals/functionality isn't exactly cheap. Look at the price of a Wifi adapter or a HDD. If you don't know any better, you could literally wind up paying almost 500 bucks (199.99 arcade, 100.00 Wifi, 100.00 HDD, Live fee) to really get your 360 going. And thats before games and taxes.

I've been seeing these rumors everywhere for a while now. Starting to get second thoughts about asking for a 360 for Christmas.

edgeofblade3000d ago

If that comes with $10 in Microsoft Points, then I'd pay it. I have always said that if Microsoft wants to move more people online and drive more MSP sales, they need to tie the two together.

Everyone knows it won't be a simple price hike without a good reason. Unless of course you don't already see the value in paying $50 a year (see Microsoft banning MW2 cheaters articles).

II Necroplasm II3000d ago

lol there's no way they will do that.. you know how many people would not have Xbox LIVE anymore. $10 a month? lol, yeah right. It's already a cash cow as it is.

vhero3000d ago

At the end of the day this guy is an Analyst and he makes a LOT of money from what he talks about we are only gamers. He knows a lot more than we do so stop your comment BS saying he don't know what he is talking about as its his job to know what he is talking about. The fact he is still employed PROVES he knows what he is talking about. In fairness though he doesn't get everything right however he is NOT the first person to say XBL is going up in price we heard yearly was going up to $100 a year which makes sense if it was $10 a month. See now Sony are taking the Nex Gen market and Nintendo still owning the niche Market MS need money from somwhere. Sure they were starting to finally make profit but they already lost billions and if Sony turn them on their heads now they not gonna get them billions back.

FACTUAL evidence3000d ago

until i misread. Thought it was going to say Xbox live, 10$ a year.....i was going to be sooo happy...

sukru3000d ago

I recently added 12 more months for $27 (eBay/ promotion). There is no way I'd pay a lot more than that (my max is $30, any more then I'll go silver)

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shlinka3000d ago

Even though I agree with you all, I would probably still keep live. Everyone forgets that there are a lot of games on PC that you pay that much just for that game, such as Star Wars Galaxies, World of Warcraft and many others.

I hope it doesn't come down to making a decision whether or not to keep Live for everyone.

ThanatosDMC3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

"But guyz! It's only $10/30 = $0.33 a day!" -GametimeUK

That's almost two new games a year with tax, btw.

badz1493000d ago

article's credibility = 0! what is so great about this guy which is always wrong in what he does best? kinda sad actually when even official magazine like the OPM UK is quoting him in many of their articles like the word of gaming-jesus or something! this guy is a FUD!

RockmanII73000d ago

$40 for 12 months = $3.33 per month. If they did do this, I would sell my 3-month card for $30 and get a $230 PS3

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Saaking3000d ago

MS can't justify the price right now. Why would they want to RAISE the price? That's F#cking insane!

calis3000d ago

From a business perspective, that is simply ludicrous. When your rival (PS3) is free, you don't increae price and expect to get more people.

indysurfn3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

This proves it. Read it, it says "on live" NOT "xbox live"! Hello! it is a subscription service. It is not on xbox. It is pc/tv based and owned by the founder of webtv. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MICROSOFT! Video game industry people have been talking about bringing it to xbox720, and to ps4, and to wii(HD). It's like saying steam is xbox live. This coniving article is taking advantage of how onlive sounds like xboxlive. Talk about a coniving article, taking things OUT of context, you and guys falling for it line, hook, and sinker! Think for yourselves for a change!

EvilBlackCat2999d ago

There has been a lot of talk over the price of Xbox Live in the last year, with rumours of it's monthly subscription being chopped to compete with the PlayStation Network which is free. According to analyst Michael Pachter however, Live will soon cost you $10 per month.

a sper complete Bullsh!t!!! LOL!!!

so lets do the math....

$55 a year for xbox Live.... just $50 or $55 a year for xboxl ive service.

charging $10 a month will be... ((((drumsssss))))

((((((( $120 )))))))


calis2999d ago

"Think for yourselves for a change"

Spell check for a change!

FFXI1012999d ago

People will still paying for it, even if they do charge $10-15 a month.( As long as people think is worth paying, why do you think millions people would pay $12-15 a month to play MMORPG?)

But to me, I could care less. I'm happy with my PS3.

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dpdvxkpizbnwg3000d ago

Just let them do what they want, move over to the PS3 and everybody will be happy :) (I'm not a PS3 fanboy but boy MS piss me off sometimes!)

-GametimeUK-3000d ago

OMG that is absoloutly awful. Thank god for PSN to be honest. Free online is such a gift from Sony, im glad im supporting a company who is also supporting us gamers.

Julie3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

Seems like you need bubbles nice Hypocrisy there =)

You write that after you wrote this?:
"360 = better exclusives
360 = better multiplat games
360 = best online
ps3 = blu ray player
Hands down 360 is the better console. Its not even worth debating or comparing. 360 IS the BEST console EVER made. :)"

Your whole comment story says otherwise:

To each one his own , if people thinks is money well spent then good for them if the service is great then nice i believe , but i don't really think it will cost 10$ a month WoW alone is 14$ at month , well i left WoW like 6 months ago lol

Edit: keep logging on all your accounts just to disagree with me and take my bubbles in my bio is all that need to say and people needs to know =)

Immigrant3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

who is the bigger loser?
i dont even know

lighten up, its just a videogame site
and this is the internet

Theoneneo813000d ago

Better exclusives lmao really? please..

God of war 1/2 collection God of war 3 MGS4 Warhawk Mag Killzone 2 Little big planet Rachet n clank Infamous Heavy Rain GT5 MLB the show i can go on what does 360 have and oh yeah that is not on PC also

Forenza Halo 3 and odst... ill have to get back if i cand any others. lmao try again.

RockmanII73000d ago

Are you seriously arguing with someone for something he said in a different story? If anything, go argue in that story, but not here.

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