Kane & Lynch: Dead Men. New Trailer

Newest trailer from Kane & Lynch: Dead Men for Ps3 & Xbox 360

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SmokeyMcBear4157d ago

cut scenes looked awesome, but the gameplay, well, i think i have to see more of it. the cops going into the building with the guy laying on the floor, didn't seem too impressive, but yeah, I would like to see more of this game.

Dlacy13g4157d ago

the more I want to play it. btw...did anyone else notice that the 360 logo was the only logo on the trailer? Where was the PS3/Sony logo?

nice_cuppa4157d ago

could the same thing that happened to dirt be happening to this ?

Sangheili854157d ago

I don't know i thought i heard it was out for PC/360/Ps3 but there isn't a ogo for the PS3. maybe a time delay on the release? But i looks alot like Hitman Blood Money. Which looked good but i expected a little more. Either way it's going to be so much fun with the Co-op!

TheMART4157d ago

They'll hold off a definite announcement for PS3 untill it starts selling fast enough.

If it doesn't...

BubblesDAVERAGE4157d ago

They said it was comming out for ps3 a few months ago...YET another 3660/pc exclusive stolen...oh yeah score one for playstaion... the game look to be good either way

toughNAME4157d ago

Kane & Lynch... for DMC4
...who got more outta that trade?

TheMART4157d ago

Too funny to prove you wrong again.

A former XBOX or PS exclusive is a game that had it on last gen consoles. Because the games that the PS3 got from 360 timed exclusive this round is because when the games launched, the PS3 wasn't out. That's why they get it later.

Then again. Last gen XBOX games over to PS3... NONE

Only a remake for Ninja Gaiden 1, but not the sequel nr. 2.

Last genPS games over to the 360... MANY

GTA3 on PS, GTA4 from day one on 360 also
DMC never on XBOX before, DMC4 on 360
Virtua Fighter never on XBOX, VF5 on 360
VT3 on 360

Have to go on? Fatal Inertia, Bladestorm. And no Sony fan has been able to prove me wrong yet.

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