Confirmed: GT Academy 2010 Time Trial demo is GT5 code

Confusion over. The GT Academy 2010 Time Trial track releasing on December 17 is definitely GT5 code. This is your first chance to get a proper play of what will almost certainly be the biggest racing game of 2010.

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Yeah like duh! even the TGS 09 demo was GT5 code but it wasn't the final build and it sure as hell wasn't the build Yamauchi was working on at the time.

This is mostly likely running on the same build shown at the TGS 09 but slightly updated.

Anyway's I was wondering if it's free because I'm definitely going to download this from the PSN.

DarkTower8053295d ago

Demos are always free lol. Now, whether or not you'll have to preorder to get it that's another matter. I'm thinking it will be on the PSN though.

Hanif-8763295d ago

This game won't leave my PS3 for sure!

milesd63295d ago

I get to drive around one track for half a year. Great.

PirateThom3295d ago

To be entirely fair, that's all I was doing in Prologue on Eiger Nordwand anyway.

At least with this, prizes await.

movements3295d ago

of all time. You wanna bet?