Gamereactor: Star Trek Online interview

Gamereactor asked a number of questions to Andy Velasquez, associate producer on Star Trek Online at Cryptic Studios. They inquired about the status of the game with regards to consoles and got the following answer:

"Ever since the beginning of the project we have developed with the limitations, budgets and user interface considerations for what it takes to bring a game like this to the console. I used to play it with a controller every other play session to make sure we were satisfying that need. Now it pretty much rests on the business side of things and whenever that happens, porting it over to the consoles on our side, the development side, is relatively taken care of at this point."

Another question Gamereactor asked: "Where there any specifics lessons that you learned from launching Champions Online?

Yeah... Uhm, other than don't nerf the launch. (laughter) It's been really helpful for us to have not only that game launch before us, but being developed at kind of at the same time. Because we have problems that when we solve kind of propagates itself to their side and they can take advantage of that because we share the same core engine in the back end. And the other way around is true, if they find a problem and fix it then we benefit from that as well. So to answer your question, with different problems with logging and server things, we are definitively able to take very specific instances of problems there and directly prevent those from happening in our game."

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