Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Release Date Announced (UK and Europe)

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is set in 1974 at the tail end of the cold war and boasts an all-new story penned by game creator Hideo Kojima himself. Taking full advantage of the PSP format, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker takes the series in an exciting new direction with incredible visuals, as it sheds new light on well-known adversaries and allies, along with a wealth of new characters. The famed 'stealth' gameplay that has established the Metal Gear Solid series as a modern classic has also been updated, with Kojima and his Kojima Productions team implementing all-new multi-player co-op elements that add depth to the various missions.

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Myth-Psn3303d ago

But why do they think the U.K is excluded from europe, Its in the european union lol!

Batzi3303d ago

lol so true. what about the US version?? when is it coming out?

CDbiggen3302d ago

Great news, shame it couldn't be worldwide simultaneous like MGS4 but i'm glad it isn't the half a year later wait we had for MGS3.