Play Magazine Interview: Elliot Olson

Play Magazine writes: "Q: ATV Offroad Fury was a milestone for me as a racing game fan, and while visual fidelity and deeper gameplay have made each passing game better, Reflex strikes me as the first truly innovative off-road racer since, due to the true deformation and separate rider bike controls. Beginning with the deformation, we've all seen residual tread textures, but in Reflex every groove has actual collision, meaning the entire game has a kind of living topsoil…it's truly remarkable. How did you achieve this? Is it 100% proprietary?

Elliott Olson – I'll answer the 2nd question first, yes it is 100% proprietary which leads me to answer the first: we can't say. Seriously though, we leveraged some technology we had prior on top of new tech to make what we have now. All things engine-related were built from the ground up and completely new. New physics, new terrain, etc, we are extremely proud that we were able to pull this off. We didn't want this to be smoke and mirrors, but the real deal. That's why it is fast, and that's why it affects you and stays around while you are in the level.

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