Play Magazine Interview: David Cage

Play Magazine writes: "David Cage, the writer and director of Heavy Rain, has a few points he'd like to make: 'I want to discover if it is possible to create an experience based on narrative and complex emotions for an adult audience using the interactive format. I want to understand if it is possible to invent a new interactive grammar not based on the traditional game paradigms but on new vocabulary. I want to know if I'm capable of writing an interactive script offering depth and meaning, and if the market is ready for that. I should have these answers and probably more when Heavy Rain will be released.'"

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ThatCanadianGuy3298d ago

Wow! That was a fantastic interview.Really let you dive into the mind of the brilliant Mr.Cage

Shame most people will miss out on reading this.Only the flamebait junk get the high degrees..

jut4203298d ago

Thanks for the heads up CanadianGuy. I probably wouldn't have read this interview until I saw your comment. Great read. I really like who Cage is and what he is about. He seems like creativity and originality are the two major elements of games he tries to push the most. I am extremely excited for this game because of how excited he is for this game. I'm sure it will be one of the most immersive and emotional experiences I've ever had from a video game or even movie for that matter.