Sony cuts price on Infamous to $39.99

Sony Computer Entertainment America has slashed the price on its popular super hero game Infamous in time for the holiday shopping season. The game is now available for a suggested retail price of $39.99 at most major retailers including Best Buy, Gamestop, Amazon, Sears, Kmart,, J&R, and Dell.

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WildArmed3299d ago

wow. I dont see why people shouldnt pick it up now.
Game was simply awesome.
was my fav. game for the first half of 2009.. followed by Resident Evil 5... then Killzone 2

Lifendz3299d ago

It was like "Here's Killzone 2, and now here's Infamous!" Loved 'em both. '09 really has been a great year for gaming. '10 is going to be insane.

presto7173299d ago

the game is so full of WIN. Best sandbox hero/ anti hero game ever.

deadreckoning6663299d ago

I played the for an hour at my friend's house. It was pretty good, I'll buy it if I can find it for $30

gaffyh3299d ago

Easily one of the best games this year, only reason it isn't in GOTY lists is cos it wasn't as good graphically. But gameplay wise, I'd put this up there with Uncharted 2.

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PirateThom3299d ago

Absolutely fantastic game, to the point I made sure to hit up that Platinum.

WildArmed3298d ago

ofc finding the last god forsaken shard was fun as hell too -.-

redsquad3299d ago

Brilliant game, although some of the 'stunts' are proving a bit tricky (for me) and keeping me from the Platinum.
I still wouldn't hesitate to recommend INFAMOUS though - Very rich & absorbing experience and a stellar achievement for a new IP to create such a believable world right from the off.

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