Japanese Stores Flooded With Final Fantasy XIII Advertisements

Final Fantasy XIII will arguably be one of Japan's biggest next-gen games and Akihabara retailers are gearing up for it's release with massive advertisements, cardboard cut-outs, posters and merchandise for the game.
That's one way to grab customers' attention!

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Obelisk923300d ago

Why would they do this? It will sell like hotcakes anyway...

table3300d ago

the more people see it the more people will be conditioned to FF therefore more sales. You could say the same about Halo in the US but the fact is adverts get you more sales.

MajorLs3300d ago

This article should have been front-paged since it was posted and accepted first + it's easier to see the pics.

Anyway here are all the advertising images + new gameplay images with easier viewing.

Kushan3300d ago

Because you'd be surprised at the amount of gamers who don't keep up with the latest games and when they're coming out. I know plenty of people who pretty much ONLY play Final Fantasy (OR Halo OR Gran Turismo*) and don't care about other games. They likely wont be keeping up with the latest news and so advertising grabs them and gets them excited for the next FF game. It doesn't just apply to those weird one-game-series-only wonders, think of all the casual gamers, all the mums and dads looking for something to buy their kids at Christmas, etc. etc.

It's sad, but advertising sells more games than high review scores. You always hear of the GOTY contender that doesn't sell nearly as well as "this years rehashed football game", but rarely do you hear about a game bombing that you've seen advertised everywhere.

*This was my attempt at being neutral, to show that I wasn't trying to be biased in any way, shape or form.

Foliage3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

The Japanese are going to love this Playstation 3 exclusive. The best part is that they get to continue playing with the exclusive Versus 13, which by every indication will trump FF13 by a mile. It's a good day for Playstation 3 gamers, which is a common trend these past few years.

starvinbull3299d ago

People who have not even looked at next gen consoles will be buying PS3s and setting up PSN accounts as a result of this game.

For Sony it is their breakthrough game in Japan. Nothing but good news from Sony's point of view.

I imagine it will sell well on all consoles in other territories as well judging by lukewarm sales of mediocre RPGs up till now on both major consoles.

One thing that is always evident with Final Fantasy games is that although they rarely surpass their predecessors the quality is always exceptionally high.

sikbeta3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

This will make even more people buy FF13, Hell even Teachers lol

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sakuragi3300d ago

WOW this games has huge advertisements similar to Halo and its actually a good game too.

Redempteur3300d ago

thank you for your objective comment

BX813300d ago

Quick question, I've never played a final fantasy game. Is this new one coming out for both PS3/360 will I be able to get into the story even though I've never played a game in the series and when does it come out? Thanks for the help and as usual a bubble for those that do!

3300d ago
Foliage3300d ago

Quick fact: Square was going bankrupt, and they released what they believed to be their last game "Final Fantasy", the game ended up being a smash hit and saved the company.

As the comment above stated, every FF game is a unique experience, even down to the battle systems. You can pick up any of them and jump right in.

starvinbull3299d ago

Almost every Final Fantasy is comepletely different from the last. Don't worry about it.

Obelisk923299d ago

Except spin-offs like FF X-2.

This is what makes FFs so great. lol

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dredgewalker3300d ago

I hope this game is worth the wait or else this is the last Square game i will make my brother ever buy!!

rextyrann3300d ago

be a good sibling and buy your own games ;)

dredgewalker3299d ago

Just joking, we usually chip in for the games we all want so it saves me more money to buy the games that i personally like.

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