Exciting new Dark Void gameplay trailer, plus boxart revealed

Capcom has released a new gameplay trailer for Dark Void, for all of those fans out there who can't get enough of the upcoming sci-fi shooter.

Enjoy the in-game action and get another peak at the huge environments. The publisher also released the boxart for the game which you can feast also your eyes on.

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slave2Dcontroller3273d ago

Looks like I may be scratching this from my "to buy" list. Looks rather lame. That trailer was not impressive at all but maybe things will look up as the game nears it release.

Lou-Cipher3273d ago (Edited 3273d ago )

I agree, That was horrible

I don't know what happened to this game, but it has Halo 3 level graphics, and the gameplay looks awful.

I was looking forward to this game until I saw this crappy trailer.