Touch Arcade Review: 'Cobra Command' Released, 80s Arcade Gamers Rejoice

Touch Arcade:

Data East's Cobra Command was originally released in arcades all the way back in 1984. At the time, its laserdisc-based graphics were nothing short of revolutionary and similar to games like Dragon's Lair, made other games in the arcade look primitive in comparison.

In the game, you play as a pilot in the world's most advanced helicopter, the LX-3 Super Cobra. Your enemies consist of an elite terrorist group, who also fly around in helicopters (although presumably nowhere near as advanced as yours). Gameplay involves an interactive movie playing behind a cockpit overlay with on-screen controls to move a crosshair around the screen to fire at enemies. There are also points in the game where you will need to follow the audio prompts of your commander and steer your helicopter, this is accomplished by tilting, or using the virtual joystick depending on what method you select in the game's options.

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