PSP Minis to be playable on PS3 before Christmas

Pocket Gamer has learned that PSP Minis will be available to download over the PlayStation Network and play on PS3, a move that will dramatically increase audience of the current Minis range.

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vhero3301d ago

Was hoping they were gonna do this.

whothedog3301d ago

What about PSP games in general? :(

BlackIceJoe3300d ago

If true this is great news. I if this means PSP games too or just the minis. Even if it is just the minis this is still great and could be great fun.

Theoneneo813297d ago

Yeah i hope this could lead to psp games on ps3 then it would really do everything

Theoneneo813297d ago

and im also guessing that means another firmware update some time between now and the 20th

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