Diehard GameFAN: Band Hero Review (360)

Many people will probably come into a review of Band Hero expecting the reviewer to lambast the song list choices in the title, but, that's just not the case. Activision and Harmonix has actually assembled quite a suitable song list for a new demographic in family and party play while implementing pop songs to appeal to tweeners and these are appropriate grounds for a spin-off. The crutch here is in the title doing nothing to differentiate itself from Guitar Hero 5 aside from a purple and pink menu skin and a new song list – you'll even see instances where the developers couldn't even be bothered to remove instances of the initials "GH" from a number of items. This leaves the title feeling more like an expansion or track pack than anything with its own identity and is no doubt the title's biggest failure. Also, there are confusing ways the content is implemented that wholly works against the grain when you take a look at who Band Hero tries to appeal to and these additions are no doubt going to drive a good portion of longtime Guitar Hero fans away from this entry. When you get over these glaring downsides, however, you still have the foundation of an enjoyable experience and everything that made Guitar Hero 5 fun carries over into Band Hero. Band Hero is another instance where my recommendation would be based solely on whether or not you enjoy the song selection offered in the title. The fun of Guitar Hero is still here, but this spin-off has a long way to go in building its identity and offering something music game fans must have.

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