Diehard GameFAN: Just Dance (Wii)

Just Dance is a horrible and shallow game that barely functions in the manner it is supposed to. The motion detection only works about a third of the time, and the instructions at the bottom for what move you are supposed to do next are often out of sync with the large dancer you are supposed to mirror or are completely different altogether. The game borders on hilariously bad when the motions you are supposed to do just stop appearing on the screen from time to time or with the soundtrack that reads like something you would put on a mix CD for a long car trip with the express intention of annoying the passengers that are now trapped with you. Just Dance does everything spectacularly wrong and absolutely nothing right. At forty dollars, this is a bit of a middle finger to the casual gaming audience that is out there and little more than an attempt to sucker the uniformed or ignorant out of their cash.

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