Valve In Control Of Shutoff? Developers Burned By STEAM?

Zeiram Wing writes: Waking one morning ready to enjoy a freshly purchased game via STEAM, the client notified me of an update. Reading while it downloaded, the release notes stated yet another fix for the recently released Left 4 Dead 2.

Let me clarify before continuing. This was a STEAM CLIENT update just for Left 4 Dead 2, not a game patch.

Now, there's been talk of this recently, geared more towards the developer side of things, but the recent string of Valve-game-only client updates have me pondering another side of the question:

Is STEAM "unfair"?

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Pandamobile3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

Wow, Valve gets flak for updating their distribution platform to fix a bug with their game.

These blog sites get worse by the day.

And why is Steam capitalized like that. It's not an acronym.

Godmars2903300d ago

If you read the blog, you'd understand that he's complaining about how Valve is more quick to respond to client issues with their own games rather than 3rd party titles. Which could take months to be fixed, making the game unplayable though there are no other problems other than it having been downloaded off Steam.

The thing with the all caps, I have no clue.

Noctis Aftermath3300d ago

Read the post, he doesn't bash steam or valve, but makes a valid point about valve and its updates.

DMason3300d ago

I really dont think he thought this article through enough. One case of this happening doesn't warrant an article of this nature. It's complete heresy and I haven't heard of this happening in any other aspect. That's the trouble with game blogs with WordPress access, they write things that they haven't even fully investigated. And this is why they'll never gain credibility. Bring some more evidence and people might take you seriously.

Kushan3299d ago

Yeah and Valve internally use the latest Steam SDK, what makes everyone so sure that this issue would have actually affected other games on Steam? Has a developer complained? Has anyone else said anything? Or is the author just presuming there's an issue when there appears to be none?

STK0263299d ago

there is no evidence that the problem is caused by Steam, or that VALVe could have done anything to it. He claims it took months before the patch came out for Bionic Commando, maybe BC's developer is responsible for the delay.

I would really appreciate it if the "news" on N4G had more solid argument sometimes, rather than a simple statement that isn't really backed up by anything.

TheIneffableBob3299d ago

Steam client updates are used to update Steamworks games.

They've done updates for Modern Warfare 2, Killing Floor, and other Steamworks-enabled games through Steam client updates.

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Jdoki3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

Of course Valve is going to fix Steam quicker when it comes to their own games. They know them better, and they have been developed with Steam integration in mind.

For Valve to fix/patch Steam when it comes to a game another dev has made it's obviously going to take a lot longer time to understand what the problem is, get the fix coded, put it through testing and so on.

It's not in Valve's interest to delay fixing Steam. The platform makes money selling games! If Steam doesn't work, then devs will sell through D2D or one of the other DL services, and Steam would quickly lose it's market share! Why would Valve want that?

champ213300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

Steam probably is the reason valve remain exclusive to the pc.

The pc is like valves platform. Only difference is they dont make losses on the hardware :P

No reason why they should delay fixing stuff they can fix asap.

Nihilism3300d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

Quick someone call the police!, valve has frequent updates to their own games to eliminate bugs and compatibility problems as soon as they are detected. The nerve!.

Let's start a petition and boycott them


wanderofys3299d ago

They do the same thing with new games releasing on time. They'll do a count down for a game not made by Valve, and when it reaches 0, it still won't download until the next morning when a Valve employee decides to come into work and allow us access to it.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I love Steam. For the most part it works great and it's very convenient. On one hand I do get a little irritated when I pre-order a game and it doesn't unlock when it says it's going to, but at the time, Steam is a free service and a convenience, so I don't really think I have much of a right to ask for too much from it.

sukru3299d ago

From steam updates history:

Fixed "Installation incomplete (53)" when launching Left 4 Dead 2 or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Fixed "Incomplete Installation" error for Bionic Commando and Terminator Salvation

# Fixed issue where Steam can not be closed after playing Section 8
# Fixed Champions Online keys not always being available when Steam first starts

Added mod support for Killing Floor

Add D3D9Ex support for the in-game overlay (for ArmA 2)


So they indeed update steam for specific games, but of course a little bit more for Left 4 Dead 2.

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