BioShock 2 Rapture Edition Announced

It seems Europe, New Zealand and Australia will be getting an additional collector's edition for BioShock 2. Today 2K Games announced the Rapture Edition of the game.

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RKRigney3096d ago

Yet another edition of Bioshock 2 that I will not be buying!

EvilCackle3095d ago

I don't even get a chance to buy this :/

Bit surprised they're snubbing the States.

Nihilism3095d ago

WTF , i just checked GAME and the rapture edition is $20 more than the thanks.

EvilCackle3095d ago

Oh yikes...I thought it'd be like 10 bucks. I forgot how overpriced anything with a hardcover is.

Nihilism3095d ago

that's in aus, games generally cost a lot more here, but even so, special editions have usually only been $10 more. I was planning on getting the full special edition, but i shudder to think how much that would cost :/

EvilCackle3095d ago

You guys really do get hosed down under on pricing. Not to mention all the censorship and the occasional delays.

Lucreto3095d ago

I am getting the other Special Edition. It is not everyday you get an LP with a game.