Assassin's Creed II review - GamePlz

GamePlz writes: The controversy over the original Assassin's Creed was enormous if you remember. The constant feud over if it would ever see light on the Xbox 360 or if it was a Playstation 3 exclusive. You couldn't find a piece of media involving the game without seeing or listening to the attractive Jade Raymond. All in all, when the game hit store shelves, gamers and game journalists had a few discrepancies. First of all, for an open world game you really felt like a prisoner. With only three real mission parameters (Spy, Kill, Collect) you got the gist of the entire game experience in under an hour. The story was long-winded and uneventful, and the subplot was surprisingly absent. The main bullet point in that being the sci-fi twist of the Animus cultivating genetic memories into current solutions. Keeping all this in mind, the sequel would need to offer more than the first. A lot more.

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