MAG Beta Ends with Zipper Challenge This Friday

Jeremy Dunham, Sr. Community Manager at Zipper Interactive, writes:

"There are only a few days left before our MAG beta comes to an end this Saturday at Midnight, but we don't want our heavily-armed, highly-aggressive fat lady to sing until you've had a chance to give our game a go for yourself. That's why we've decided to put together a little challenge to any and all MAG beta testers: We dare you to beat Zipper at our own game!"

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retrofly3299d ago

I played the beta, it sucked BIG time. Then I went back to MW2.

Ps_alm3k3299d ago

I played MW2, now i'm going to pre-order Mag!

retrofly3299d ago

I dont know how anyone could like it, the graphics were poor, it felt clunky, sound was poor, interface was poor. There was no teamwork, theres more teamwork in MW2, and thats saying something.

BF:BC is a much better game in reguards to larger maps/vehicles/teamwork oh and they have destruction too. BF:BC is already better than mag BF:BC 2 will wipe the floor with it!

3299d ago
SoapShoes3299d ago

At first I wasn't too keen on it, it felt just like Call of Duty but with all of the updates from patches it has really improved and it's a great game! No split screen unfortunately, but still a solid game.