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Hate_my_neighbors3246d ago

Using the Sonys new motion controller for the gun and flashlight. I could see it working out.

qface643246d ago

WOW where have you been lol

Hate_my_neighbors3245d ago

my bad, i guess in the past. I haven't had a ps3 long enough to be cool i guess.

FreeWillow153246d ago

Ehh yea its for the WII PS2 And PSP Though... >>"

yoghurt3246d ago

quite fancy a game like this for my psp

whothedog3246d ago

I will be getting the superior version on my Wii...

How many times do you get to say that haha :P

FreeWillow153246d ago

lol very funny XD yes i will also be getting for the wii :D

Wolfie3246d ago

Lisa and Cybil looks ugly here. They were pretty in SH1.

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The story is too old to be commented.