How to play old LucasArts games on DS

Pocket Gamer has a nice tutorial that will walk you through getting up-and-running with SCUMMVM on the DS. SCUMMVM is an open source engine that lets you run your old LucasArts games on different platforms, providing you still have access to your original LucasArts game discs.

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Saint Sony4157d ago

SCUMMVM is one of the coolest softwares on earth :) Played most of the Lucas classics (full speech) with my mobile already. Definitely worth downloading, supports many phones/handhelds.

While in boring meetings/conferences... perfect.

ItsDubC4157d ago

Weird that this story was posted, cuz I'm currently in the process of getting SCUMMVMDS w/ some games to work on my DS. Loom, Monkey Island, and Day of the Tentacle... Mmmmm...