'Terminator FPS,' a rad-looking mod for Gears of War

Destructoid writes: "Two total conversion mods in one night? Why yes, I have been huffing glue again. Oddly enough, both of these mods are for games that have since received follow-ups, although this time, the sequel was never released for PC ... and probably never will be.

Gathering influences from Call of Duty and Killzone 2, modder Kevin Bryant has turned Gears of War into a first-person shooter using the vast amount of fiction from the Terminator universe. He opted to go with Gears rather than a more common choice like Unreal Tournament 3 because of easier scripting and preset mechanics."

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Elven63276d ago

That looks pretty cool, it showcases the Unreal Engine pretty well.

kaveti66163276d ago

I don't think that's a screenshot of the mod. I think it's just a cleverly photoshopped screen of KZ2 with a well-placed Terminator in the background.

dirthurts3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

Here is the video. Looks a lot like killzone.

kaveti66163276d ago

For a mod, that looks very impressive. Still, in first person mode, the textures are looking pretty low-res. But it's a good looking, interesting mod. And lol at the blood spatter from the terminators.

Tony P3276d ago

It's not a fake pic, it's an *old* pic. Yeah, it looks like KZ2's gun, but the article clearly says he took influences from it and other games.

Here it is in glorious motion:

I say you're doing excellent work when people think it's too good to be true. Kudos.

kaveti66163276d ago

I take back what I said about the screenshot being fake.

The game looks amazing for a mod. I'm surprised by the quality. Most mods I come across are garbage.

Another surprising thing, and with all due respect to PS3 and KZ2, but this is a mod of a 2006 game on PC using unreal engine 3, and it looks almost as good as KZ2, a game which took like 4 or 5 years to make. Such is the nature of consoles. You work hard, but the limitations just cannot be overcome sometimes.

Tony P3276d ago

No big. I was actually thinking it was a fake pic too until I looked them up on ModDB. They have a pretty nice spread of all their progress thusfar. It's some serious work. I just hope it's not "cease and desist" good.

I'm surprised the atmosphere is so good. Very few aspects suggest a Gears mod. I don't want to invite the legion of "KZ2 is the best" guys, but yeah it looks really nice. I might actually buy GeoW on PC to try it out.

baum3276d ago

This was made on Unreal Engine, how he made it look so similar to Killzone is impressive. Of course, it's on PC, and the subtleties like "deferred rendering", the animation and the lighting is probably not equal, but to someone with an untrained eye, they look exactly the same.

Jager3276d ago

GG didnt start full development of Killzone 2 until AFTER Killzone Liberation was released. GG them selves stated they started some development in 2006, and didnt have full resource focus on the game until AFTER Killzone liberation released in 2007. So, Killzone 2's dev time is 2-3 years. Exactly the same dev time as Halo 3.

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TheIneffableBob3276d ago

Looks better than that Terminator Salvation game.

Mista T3275d ago

if only Terminator Salvation had been like this

I actually would have actually gave the game a look

DMason3275d ago

Here's a more in depth look at the game. Actually has some really cool effects.

likedamaster3276d ago

Great mod for a great game.