Top 5 Must-Have 360 Games for the 2009 holidays

The top five must-have Xbox 360 games released in 2009 to buy this holiday season.

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Madusha3302d ago

A list everyone's gotta agree with.

NecrumSlavery3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

Everyone knows the best games on the 360 are multiplats. And GTA DLC is 50% rehash of old DLC.

A racing game isn't cutting it MS for exclusives. Bad season. Piss poor year.

GameScrubs3302d ago

Since when are multiplatform games considered $#!t ahhh only on your ps3 fanboy world.

Apparently exclusives are the only thing worth playing and they must be CONSOLE exclusive on top of that.

I guess multiplats are considered garbage since the ports suck on the PS3. Might as well call them xbox exclusives anyways.

This whole exclusive is the best thing in the world is getting annoying. If you don't like the list because of the game that is fine but you hate it because it's not PS3 or Exclusive.


Dutch Boogie3302d ago

They should call the 360 the multiplat console. I still believe if you are gonna make a console specific list then it should have it's exclusives representing it. This just proves further that the 360 had no exclusives in 2009. Most of the games on that weak list are also on the ps3 with extras and also slightly superior.

WinterWolf3302d ago

The games are good but you simply cannot ignore the fact that the best games this holiday season on 360 are on PS3, and the best games on PS3 are exclusives.


A very sad list indeed...but not to shabby

Saaking3302d ago

Only ONE exclusive?!? OMG!!!

Guitarded3302d ago

What are you little boys on about? Open zone(the one custom tailored for trolls like you) is just a click away and is located just above the first comment.

Good list for the holidays.

Rampant3302d ago

I'll just enjoy Assassins Creed 2 on my 360 after christmas, I really don't think I'm going to enjoy it less just because it is on the ps3 also.

Power_of_Black3302d ago

Then why aren't you posting in the open zone then ?

Just look at your comment history. ignored by 60 user .. Yeah i think you shouldn't try to call other people troll. Just look at yourself i the mirror.

JokesOnYou3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

I bought Halo Wars, Forza3, ODST, L4D2 and exclusive GTA episodes was on the 360 this year, oh and don't forget about multiplats, yeah thats right gamers who don't kiss sony ass which happens to be the majority of gamers who dont troll n4g all day are allowed to play multiplats, which also happen to perform better on 360 and of course has the best online to fully enjoy them for longevity. lol, speaking of multiplats MW2 is the best game this year, you sony extremists can scream exclusives all you want both sony and micro released some great games but gamers are buying and playing the hell out of MW2 for a reason, that game kicks ass and will continue to do so, long after UC2 and ther rest of those ps3 exclusives that you n4g sony loyalist sware are the best but nobody buys them are forgotten about. My ps3 has been collecting dust since a month after KZ2. Both ODST and L4D2 outsold sony's big gun UC2. Hey UC2 is cool but the online multiplayer isn't there with the best multiplayer games out, I beat the single player with a friend, and thats was about it, UC2 is done, now since Forza3 and MW2, I knew I wouldn't have much time to split over the holidays once I picked up these 2 games. The rest of ps3 lineup wasn't nothing to bragg about.


FACTUAL evidence3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

What this list is trying to say is, "don't buy a 360 this holiday season because our best games this whole year was L4d2, assassins creed2(ps3), GTA4(more DLC....sheeze), MW2(ps3, also overhyped) and forza 3...(GT5 killer /s).

So hopefully people still have that extra 50$ this holiday season to play all those wonderful games ONLY on the 360! /s

GameScrubs3302d ago

I love how all you base your opinions as fact.

You don't like L4D it must certainly be garbage.

You don't get DLC on your console it's definitely half assed nickel and dimed garbage

If it's a multiplat it's absolutely garbage or I can get it on my superior console thus making it garbage for you.

If it's on xbox it's garbage, if it's on wii it's garbage.

If it's not uncharted it's garbage.

PS3 Fanboy dribble == Fact

For everything else there is mastercard

bruddahmanmatt3302d ago

For those who don't feel like reading the link, the list reads:

5. GTA: Episodes From Liberty City (read: DLC)

4. Left For Dead 1.5 (read: DLC sold at full retail)

3. Forza Motorsport 2.5 (read: an incomplete game that Microsoft/Turn 10 plans to use to milk players buy dangling DLC in front of them every month in the form of car packs)

2. Assassins Creed II (read: a game which improves upon its predecessor in almost every way and has been praised by many but uhh, yeah, you can get this one for your PS3)

1. Modern Warfare 1.5 (read: shovelware by the time March 2010 rolls around and Bad Company 2 hits shelves)

This list FAILs hard.

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RememberThe3573302d ago

But those are the best games for the 360 this year. I would replace Left 4 Dead 2 with ODST, but I've never been a huge fan of Left 4 Dead and I thought ODST was the first great Halo game since Halo:CE.

Madusha3302d ago

hmm..yeah, L4D2 was very repetitive

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Noob3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

But I would replace GTA Liberty City Stories with Dragon Age Origins. Both can be brought for under $40 or less and I wouldn't recommend an expansion over a full game.

cmrbe3302d ago

they had to put some exclusives on it. No matter how small they are.

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