Javelin glitch users to be suspended from Xbox Live

CC: Director of Policy and Enforcement for Xbox LIVE Stephen Toulouse has stated that anybody using the Javelin Glitch in Modern Warfare 2 will be suspended.

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mj2463299d ago

so they should. it's not like they're doing it by accident. they're doing it to win the match by cheating which spoils the whole point of competitive matches. I've said my point :)

dpdvxkpizbnwg3299d ago

Totally agree. Pirates need to be banned. From everything!

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KillerBBs3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

The game designers are to blame for this one. If it's in the game, then it's in the game. Sucks, I agree, so fix it. Did game developers fire all their game tester?
Oh, and fanboy is right.
come to think about this, Infantry f up and now they are going to make you pay for it. Is there a rule on which buttons i push on my controller and in what order. Fix the game loser. this is not hacking or mod n.
ps don't glitch and don't plan to. so F off supporters.

lord_of_balrogs3299d ago

Key word is suspend... not ban

Government Cheese3299d ago

"Don't hate the player, hate the game"

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actionjackson3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

This is the first time, I believe, that a console manufacturer is taking responsibility for the errors in 3rd party development/programming. Although I believe the glitch substantially decrease the gaming experience, wouldn't it just be easier for IW to create a patch for it and be done?

Why should the console manufacturers apply such harsh measures to the gamers using the game "the way it was designed". If it's designed with flaws, that is not the gamers' problem, it's the developer's problem. So the message that the suspension would be sending is "don't worry game developers, if you make a horribly programmed game, we'll blame it on the gamers if they find flaws in the game."? I think they may want to rethink this strategy.

Not quite sure where MS is going with this one, but they should probably tread lighty. I can just imagine the issues that will come about in the future if this becomes precedent. Just a thought.

The Great Melon3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

Anyone using the glitch is not doing anything wrong in my book. The game was made that way, so people learned the most effective way to win. Halo 2 had many glitches like the double shot. If you were good you would exploit it so you could get kills faster. Glitching may be annoying, but it is not cheating when everyone has access to this. The developers should fix this if it wasn't intended rather than punishing the gamers which it seems they are doing.

raztad3299d ago

So in short some people are gonna be suspended because are playing a "legal" copy of a game on a totally unmoded and "up to code" console.

Sounds nice to me. I'm sure the developer is not responsible for the bugs/glitches in its games /s

badz1493299d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

that Activi$ion and IW have no words regrading this and yet M$ is now suspending the glitchers?

I'm not defending the glitchers but they are not modding consoles, not hacking the save files and not using any cheat codes but just playing the game as it is - with the glitch! I don't think that there's any mention of glitch in user agreement and suspending them for 'using' the 'game feature' (it's included in the game albeit being a glitch!), is kinda against the agreement IMO!


pirate? which one? the gamers that bought their game legally and found the glitch or IW that is selling the game which depends solely on its MP but without the beta test?

ia_studio3298d ago

FIX THE GLITCH don't ban people,

DMason3298d ago

While I do agree that it's IW's fault, it's really something that you can't stress test during play testing. It's purely an accident. I think the reason MS is taking such a stance, is because it really truly ruins the multiplayer experience. I mean, I hated COD5 online because the way people got under the map and got cheap kills. I hated it so much that I stopped playing it. And MS does not want people to stop going online, it's their bread and butter.

Overall, IW isn't usually this quick to patch their games, so MS is stepping in temporarily to try to lessen the cheating. At least they arent banning. It's probably just a 24 hour suspension. Because in all honestly, it completely ruins the game when people do stuff like this.

nnotdead3298d ago

you play to win the game! does it suck for people not glitching? yes of course it does, but they are only doing what the game creators allow them to do. if IW doesnt want people to do it then they should fix it.

Millah3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

So they will suspend you for playing the game as it was shipped? It's the devs fault the glitch is in there, don't punish the users for taking advantage of the devs mistakes. How about the testers at Infinity Ward, do they get get "suspended" as well. Doubtful.

I don't like the glitch, find it quite annoying, but that does not mean it should be right to suspend players who are simply playing the game as it was shipped.

frostypants3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

Hate to say it, but if it's legitimately within the game's code, then they have no right to punish people for utilizing it. It's not the players' responsibility to determine what is and is not a glitch. If the game allows it, it's fair game.

The thing is, this doesn't feel like a glitch at all. It feels like an easter egg that a dev threw in as a joke during testing and forgot to eliminate from his code. But I digress...

Yes it's annoying. That's why these games need a kick-vote option. Let the players determine when someone is playing dirty.

For those of you who DO use this, you are total d-bags. But MS is out of line here.

JeffGUNZ3298d ago

Who cares if it's in the code, it's still not meant to be used. It's not a perk or a killstreak or something you can pick. Stop saying "if it's in the game, then that's the way it should be!" nonsense. Every game this generation ships with glitches and other things that don't get caught by testers. IW already stated it's been addressed and will be in the first title update. Microsoft is doing the right thing. I quit and so do my friends when we see someone doing it. It completely ruins the game experience. People should be banned for cheating. Kids in college and high school get suspended for cheating, but isn't in our generic make-up to cheat and make choices? People kill eachtoher, but should it be overlooked because we're all human and given free choice? No. Play by the rules or you get punished. That's how the world works. Do you know how many new comers to MW2 will be turned off by this game if the first few times they tried to play the game, they have this glitch used on them.

Redgehammer3298d ago

The old axiom "Cheaters Never Prosper" needs to continue to be made manifest, otherwise gaming communities start to fracture; which in-turn can lead to the steady decline of a community. Over the years I Have read many a cheat attempt to justify their actions in a a multitude of ways, but from where I sit justification is nothing more than an inane attempt at convincing one's self of something they do not truly believe; or as a defensive response to being called out for cheating. Regardless of the contrived rhetoric that most glitchers use to defend their actions; I am in concordance with Microsoft; and applaud them for attempting to reprimand those that, by their actions, threaten to destroy the fun and the competitive nature of online gaming. Maybe if Dante Alighieri were alive today he would of added a 10th circle of Hell for those that attempt to cheat their way to victory.

Chrisny853298d ago

i can see people getting mad because they got killed by someone exploiting the glitch, but is it fair to temp ban them? i mean think about it. did they create the glitch? since they didn't, they are not hacking. which makes them free to play the game they purchased any way they want.
some would say all campers should be banned. but in a sense they are just playing the game they bought the way they choose. the game was not designed for people to either camp or use this suicide glitch but if infinity ward wants to fix their mistake then go right ahead but banning someone from xbl when they are not hacking is wrong. they paid for a service/game and are not cheating.

edgeofblade3298d ago

A 24 hour ban, with a 2 week ban following. The punishment fits the crime...

Chrisny853298d ago

crime? lol last time i checked its not illegal. i think the crime is being committed by ms

people pay money to play on xbl. so since the developer messed up they should fix it.. ms is all over activision's ____.

i would actually find it funny if i fragged someone who instantly blew up, even if they took me with them. im much more likely to be upset if someone shot me who hasn't even left spawn crouching with a sniper.

Shepherd 2143298d ago

some of you act like MW2 is the only game in existence to have glitches, and its a horrible game because of it. Most games ship with glitches or problems that require patches, get realistic people.

Bzone243298d ago

Just because it's in the game doesn't mean you should use it. If you do you should be prepared to pay the consequences.

Cars are made to go a lot faster than the speed limit. Doesn't mean you won't get a ticket if you do so.

2cents3298d ago

Glad someone is doing summin about it!

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_insane_gamer_3299d ago

There ain't any point in protesting, MS will still do it no matter what. The hackers/modders/glitchers won't have a coice

actionjackson3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

There are major differences between modders/hackers and glitch users. The difference is that a modder/hacker is actively taking steps to side-step the system and the way it functions normally. A glitch is an error in programming. Glitch users, although horribly annoying, are just using what is given to them in terms of the game. It's flaws in the game that allows this, not some active step taken by the gamer.

Banning hackers/pirates/modders - I'm all for it.

Suspending people that discover errors in the code - I think it's going a bit too far. Hold the programmer/developer accountable, not the gamer.

The BS Police3298d ago

Exploiting any glitch over Xbox Live is considered cheating, it is clearly stated in the TOS that you agree to before you create your account.

-Alpha3299d ago

One thing that's great with XBL is that they know how to treat their community (and they damn well better because people are paying customers).

This ban is great news, but I own a PS3 meaning I need to manually report people myself, and even when I do I get a "Report to Activision" message.

I hope Sony bans these cheaters too, I hate this glitch so, so much.

mjolliffe3299d ago

Haven't personally been hit by the glitch as yet, but I can understand how annoying it is.
Microsoft can sort it out, though I think Sony need to bee a lot more interactive and need to communicate more with the PS3 and PSP community, other than on the official forums.

-Alpha3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

Is that people in the comment section actually are defending Sony for not doing it.

It's BS. If anyone has seen the glitch they know it renders the game unplayable since killing your enemy results in dying. Sony could put in the effort, but MS practically should because people pay for the service.

Just one of the quirks of premium services it seems.

Now Sony may be banning people, but they need to communicate that with us.

It's a good thing IW is working on the fix, I just wish the fix would come faster.


I think your taking it too far. MS isn't telling you how to play. But MS is taking care of their community against people who ruin a game. If you can't stay out of obvious, blatant, trouble, then I have no sympathy for the consequences MS chooses to put on people.

And keep in mind this is a suspension, not a ban, so really, your making a big deal out of nothing. Suspensions are great to control glitchers and keeps the community happy.


Ok, that makes sense. I don't expect Sony to do anything, but I still think that taking action is a good gesture. Sure IW can do something too. The fact that MS is taking action at least shows they are loyal to their paying customers, but then again, PSN is free and I see no obligation for Sony to do much.

DarkTower8053299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

I don't glitch, pirate or anything of that sort, but you're totally wrong here. MS is starting to operate their gaming division like a totalitarian government.

I hate glitchers and hackers too, but it is up to the dev (IW in this case) to patch their game and reset the offenders stats. MS just needs to stay out of it. And would I really want to play on a console where some dictator tells you that you must play a certain way or else? Hell no! We already saw the PC community get screwed by IW, now MS is giving the shaft left and right too.

UltimateIdiot9113299d ago

I'm going to agree with Dark Tower here. It's not up to Sony to stop glitchers, it's IW's job. Is it MS or Sony's fault for IW doing a sloppy job at QA? No, and if MS and Sony are to keep gamers from glitches and bugs by ban/suspension, then it only makes the dev lazier about their work. If the devs know that the glitch will turn gamers off from playing, then if they are at least a decent dev, they will do something promptly.

BX813299d ago

I agree with alpha male on this. Yes it is IW job to stop cheaters on their game but it's MS job to let cheaters, glitchers and modders know that they will not be tolerated on XBOX LIVE!

TheBlackSmoke3298d ago

I would totally agree with you if it weren't for the fact that MW2 has MANY other "cheap" ways to get kills. Theres a fine line between a glitch and just bad game design. People need to stop pretending MW2 was a highly skillfull game that got ruined by the javelin. Yeah cos dropping a nuke and auto winning a match even when your team didnt bother with the objectives and just camped is fair.

DMason3298d ago

I agree with Alpha Male. This glitch makes the game unplayable. The whole point of the multiplayer is to get kills and rack up points. How are you supposed to succeed when everytime you get a kill, you die? It's not fun and it's not fair. I'm sorry, but Microsoft is doing the right thing here. They're not taking away your account, they're just suspending it for a brief period. When you make an Xbox Live account, you agree to Terms and Conditions. One of those conditions is that you cannot exploit glitches in online multiplayer. They have every right to protect their service. The game is played on THEIR service, therefor they can make these decisions. And believe me, I guarantee the LIVE community is not complaining about the fact that people are getting slapped on the wrist for this.

This glitch really does make the game unplayable. MS is protecting the community and making it a better place to game. I think calling it a Totalitarian government is exaggerating quite a bit. Their service, their rules.

Eamon3298d ago (Edited 3298d ago )

AlphaMale, when you do it by accident then get banned then you will be saying something different now.

Glitches are the developer's fault and they should patch. FFS, we're playing the games to have fun, and finding glitches is also "fun." People were enjoying the RocketLauncher-superjump exploit in Halo 2.

The only people who would get annoyed by people exploiting glitches are those with no lives and sit in front of their TV playing games 24/7.

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KionicWarlord2223299d ago

I am now going to stop doing this glitch .

mjolliffe3299d ago

You shouldn't have started, really.

KionicWarlord2223299d ago

Yeah i know.

But it was just hilarious watching someone kill me then the javelin goes off .

darkequitus3299d ago

Glitches like this is wh have have not even played MP yet. It put me off COD4 and 5 MP

dachiefsman3299d ago

I did the glitch once in the game just to see it, and I stopped cause it ruins the game. Instead of banning people, IW should get off there ~$200 million dollar pile of money and fix it.

IF they start banning, they should also ban people who use tricks to reach map points which SHOULD be locked down.

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Ps_alm3k3299d ago

Or devs in general, so they can't do it anymore...

In-cognito3298d ago

I agree 100%
IW needs to fix the glitch!

Why give IW a free ride. It should have never been in the game to start with.

hay3298d ago

Yup, it should be fixed but I still find it funny though.