The Greatest Multiplayer Maps of All Time

Harken all ye polygonal sandboxes: Your time is NOW! GamesRadar is polling their panel of experts – and yes, having a website makes them experts – to celebrate their favorite multiplayer maps across multiple platforms!

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Commodore3300d ago

There was a little map called CROSSROADS and it blew a lot of these maps out of the water.

evrfighter3300d ago

um no...

Dust probably has more play time then all of Halo, CoD, and Battlefield maps put together.

Same could be said with Dust2...

and Aztec :D

thinking about it cs maps are the probably the best maps ever played.

HOSe3300d ago

some of my personal favorites are : Streets from timesplitters 2, dust2 obviously, carentan from cod, ummmm and none of modern warfare 2 maps lol