Why The FPS Genre Is Ruining Gaming

DualShockers writes:

"Fast-forward to the present and it seems that with every passing day, yet another FPS is being announced. I'm sure that there are plenty of gamers that eat these titles up, and at times I am guilty of it as well, but when will it end? When will developers stop thinking that the only way for true immersion is in the 1st person? I say the FPS is ruining gaming because it "borrows" from other genres but more often than not, misses the mark. While it has developers and publishers of other genres feel as though they have to conform to the trend in order to sell games and this is where the problem truly lies..."

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taz80803247d ago

Great article. I found it interesting that MW2 decided to incorporate the 3rd person tactical view as well. Perhaps they knew that people would already be used to the same COD agian and wanted to provide something different.

ThisPlaceSucksBye3247d ago

There's nothing "tactical" about CoD :-/

tdrules3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

"great article"
well yeah you are Senior Editor of the site.
stop bumping your own stories you halfwit

Saaking3247d ago

I'm tired of FPS and I tired of the same casual morons the keep buying them. I want devs to try new stuff (like the used to), but since nothing that doesn't involve shooting doesn't sell they obviously can't. You know, gaming has really changed over the years and I miss the old years.

Rainstorm813247d ago

I agree i swear every other game is in first person... who is to blame...... Halo ....... The vast success of Halo made every dev want the same success hence we get Metroid Primes (clearly a game meant to be in third person just look at the New metroid) Escape from butcher bay, Bioshock, and other games which wouldve been better with third person gameplay. Now COD MW is the new FPS cash cow so the end is no where in sight for the FPS milking.

Here comes the disagrees.....Inevitable

sikbeta3247d ago

Why The FPS Genre Is Ruining Gaming?

mmmm....Because is everywhere XP

rextyrann3247d ago

its making gamers dumber and dumber.

yeah it hurts but thats the truth. how hard is it to aim and pull the trigger and see blood splatter compared to lets say how to solve puzzles or about how to upgrade your character or to complete certain objectives tasks...

fps usually involve -> go there kill that then go there and kill some other stuff. inbetween you get told some story(maybe). and thats it. additionally you dont even get to know the character your playing with (helps a bit to keep him morally in a grey zone i guess. its hard to identify with someone who walks around killing stuff all the time aight?)

so is it a suprise that the youth nowadays are on avg less educated and a bit brainlaggy? suppose not...

i miss all those old genres and games. there are just too many fps like games out there now. especially the rpgs. i kinda dont like it in 1st person view. but well thats personal preference i guess.

PS: fps is NOT on a whole new level at all. only the graphics and the AI of bots have improved. but whats necessary to REALLY bring fps to a whole new level is to the next real balanced E-Sport level of competitive online multiplayer fps. and there still hasnt been a new one since cs 1.6. THAT's what is really sad!

solar3247d ago

FPS's inst ruining gaming. its the stale "uninnovative" games that are ruining gaming. there has been slight nudges lately with the L4D series with its stresses on Co-op play, Crysis for its visuals, and UC2 for its absolutely great cinematics. but nothing lately (either then Portal which has pushed puzzle games into a whole nother genre) that has really done much for gaming.

Celeras3247d ago

Not to mention that only in FPS's can a 4-6 campaign be passed off as a success. Try that in any other genre and you'd be a horrible failure.. yet it is somehow accepted with shooters because they come shipped with a deathmatch.

Teh Cell3247d ago

saaking - "I'm tired of FPS and I tired of the same casual morons the keep buying them. I want devs to try new stuff (like the used to), but since nothing that doesn't involve shooting doesn't sell they obviously can't. You know, gaming has really changed over the years and I miss the old years."

Is that why you keep playing Halo 3 on your xbox?

Tony P3247d ago

I just don't like how badly shooters treat their offline game. It's more cinematic and you get a story. Great. But that's bare bones.

Take a cue from Borderlands or Deus Ex. Give people something to work toward so they aren't finished with SP in 4-5 hours. Borderlands had loot. Deus Ex had incredible complexity and choice. You've got a sea of devs using smart methods to stretch the SP and then you've got a lot of shooters that don't bother. Not worth the cash imo.

SaiyanFury3246d ago

I generally don't care for FPS games. FPS games these days are akin to JRPGs on the original PlayStation. At any given time there was something to look forward too. Finishing Final Fantasy VII, you have Final Fantasy Tactics to look forward too. Alundra, Breath of Fire 3 and 4, there were so many to anticipate. Now so many FPS games make the list of so many people it's not even funny. There are a crapload of great games thrown out way now like Uncharted 2, Ratchet & Clank Future 2, Assassin's Creed 2. But a big chunk of the mainstays are FPS games. The original PS was my favourite console just from the sheer volume of great JRPGs coming.

The new consoles, especially the PS3 are delivering new games. AC2 is an amasing game that borrows from normal RPG conventions, and is to be praised for it. It's easily the game I'm enjoying the most this part of the year. I've played Uncharted 2. I have Brutal Legend, as well as most of the other greats, but AC2 is the one I'm getting the most out of. Personally, I can't wait for Star Ocean 4 International. The first big JRPG on the system this gen. Valkyria Chronicles was amasing as a JSRPG, and Demon's Souls kicked my ass as an action RPG. But there's been very little traditional JRPG action so far. Bring on SO4 and Tales of Vesperia. :)

rockleex3246d ago

I've been playing Final Fantasy X every single day.

That's how boring FPS' are these days.

In fact, I would be playing Demon's Souls instead, but I already know how addicted I would be to that game. I've seen my brothers and friends lose their souls to Demon's Souls. I don't want to lose mine either. >_<

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Chadness3247d ago

I do agree that every time you turn around there seems to be the "flavor of the week" FPS title. It's to the point where I just don't pay attention to them.

JoelT3247d ago

Modern Warfare 2, hadn't even been released yet and people we're already looking forward to battlefield.

-Alpha3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

Yeah but that only says that there are actually great FPSs on the market.

I mean, I understand the genre is supersaturated, but that doesn't mean we can't still enjoy it. I largely ignore a lot of average FPS but love the ones that are great, just like any genre. It's just that the FPS genre is the most common, but that doesn't mean it's ruining gaming.

Personally, I blame devs who don't care to venture into something more original.

At the same time, people need to understand that in times like this it's hard to be adventurous because if your product doesn't sell, you are screwed.

Look at LBP. One of the most creative and unique games out there only because Sony had faith in Media Molecule... and a boat load of money to support the idea.

Ultimately, if you don't want to play the FPS genre, don't play it, but I don't think people should say it's ruining gaming. It seems that there's always an article that something is ruining gaming whether it's FPSs or violent video games, or DLC, etc.

Gaming is fine, ideas continue to be original, etc. It may not be the golden days of our youth, but it's not like games have been stagnant lately. 2009 alone showered us with amazing games. Sure the times have changed, casual gaming is dominant, graphics are all the craze, but we still have a great backbone when it comes to guys like Naughty Dog, Valve, Bioware, hell even EA!

But not Activision. That's a different story though :)

taz80803247d ago

I still remember in the launch days of the 360, all that was available were PFS games. Seemed like that was what the patform was destined to be alone.

BYE3247d ago

Good article.

Most FPS look still like there's a gun just floating around or is carried by a robot on wheels. Even MW2.

That's hilarious and stupid, not immersive.

If it has to be first person, at least make it like Mirror's Edge or Chronicles of Riddick. Or take it to the next level.

GamerSciz3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

A new level of immersion that is with the first-person cover system and turning off the HUD giving you that real hollywood movie like feel. Also the fact of when you jumped your gun felt like it actually had weight. In KZ2 when jumping then trying to immediately shoot, you couldn't. You had to wait for the gun to settle and steady before aiming again. You don't even get a crosshair when jumping.

Talking about MW2, it's just a small step up from MW and the 3rd person tactical mode is kind of worthless truth be told. Not to mention story line for MW2 was just plain sad but it is what is it is. A first-person shooter that gamers like. So why dawg it's genre type?

-Alpha3247d ago

it didn't elevate any new standards in gameplay. Graphics were great, but the actual gameplay was pretty typical with a good sense of weight. It fell victim to the same problems... red barrels... typical story... bad characters, etc.

Sure it was fun, but the game didn't push much. The cover system did make the game's SP unique though.

Killzone 2's multiplayer was good, but again, pretty basic with 5 common modes, and a familiar class system.

The lack of co-op was dissapointing.

I personally believe Killzone 3 is going to be miles better because of two things:

1) Devs are familiar with the PS3
2) The game wont take as long to make because the important elements of building the game are already known from experience with K2 meaning stuff like co-op and bigger and better experiences are guaranteed.

Case in point: Uncharted to Uncharted 2, Resistance 1 to Resistance 2.

GG did great with Killzone 2, but they are going to do so much better with Killzone 3.

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