Insomniac North Carolina working on "cool new stuff"

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

And while the new branch has been pretty quiet in terms of what exactly it's been up, what ever that is, it's apparently pretty 'cool'. Community Manager James Stevenson just recently visited North Carolina studio, teasing that he was "Looking at a lot of cool new stuff!"

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JBaby3433274d ago

But then I love to hear about a quality dev like Insomniac working on some new stuff. Great stuff for the future.

gaffyh3274d ago

I'm guessing a multiplat XBL/PSN title? Would be very surprised if it is a fully featured title, though it would make sense if it was exclusive to one platform that they could do a fully featured title.

Sevir043274d ago

I can assure that this studio is working on exclusive title, whats more it's set for grand reveal next year. Sony is all over the publishing for this and they probably own the IP.. Ted at Insomniac Ratchet Community day 09 said that That studio is set to blow the industry wide open with their new game. and That they are still gonna remain exclusive to Sony's Platform for the rest of then Gen... id love to see what Insomniac NC is working on. Stevenson sounded pretty excited about what he saw when i asked him about it. though he wouldn't say.

Anywho... My NDA is almost done expired... I'll be able to talk about what i saw back in October in just a few 2 weeks. insomniac you Rock.

Unbiased13274d ago


We all know it's Resistance 3 aka no brainer. (when it comes to CA studio)

Freak of Nature3274d ago (Edited 3274d ago )

My hopes are that the game will be the "rumored" act/rpg/platformer....

A quirky stylish and innovative title,caricature/realistic-too n style based game,with something that brings in a new game mechanic would be my hopes....

badz1493274d ago

the best 3rd party dev that Sony have right now is Insomniac and all my support goes to them! got to love Ted and his crews! they ROCK!

Unicron3274d ago

And we <3 our fans Badz.

Saaking3274d ago

I love Insomniac. They're really awesome devs.

mastiffchild3273d ago

It's not R3 at this spot(though just watch what they do with that game if they FINALLY give it enough time with enough of a crew to pull everything together!)but something completely different. I have little doubt that this is their stufio for new things and will be where they push the boundaries a little more, give themselves more time and come out showing just how talented they are as I feel the tighjt time constraints and limited teams they put on games often means they can't manae the gloss of an Uncharted2 or a KZ2 on Resistance with both games being rushed out so far to boot.

So while I expect a great improvement from R2 to R3 I predict something incredible(if I hear right)from the new studio. A new IP and a new genre for Insomniac and as a massive fan I'll bne among the first nosing around come release. ACIT was great BTW, even better than TOD and bursting with ideas-give it a three year break guys and THEN bring it back polished to that mooted Pixar shine and blow us away.

whoelse3273d ago

I would love to see a Jak and Daxter on the PS3!

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ThatCanadianGuy3274d ago

No doubt Insomniac are working on another great Franchise.Exclusive to Playstation 3.

They know they can only achieve their goals on a real next gen console.
Look at poor Rare for example, they wanted to make a decent Natal game but it flopped half-way through development.360 couldn't give them the tech they needed.Such a shame.

Ps_alm3k3274d ago

soooooo gooooooooooddddd!!

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