GamePro: Rogue Warrior Review

GamePro writes: "I first saw Rogue Warrior two years ago when it was originally announced. Bethesda held an event in Las Vegas and Richard Marcinko was on hand to show off the game. While it was in an early stage, the game showed promise, offering a Rainbow Six-esque experience that relied on tactics and teamwork. The promise of four-player co-op with drop-in/drop-out capabilities was also intriguing but what stole the show was Demo Dick himself: He was friendly and affable but he had the air of someone who had seen and done things most of us can only have nightmares about. His life story is incredibly interesting and should have served as a potent source of material, but as you will plainly see, Rogue Warrior fails to live up to that potential."

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ian723302d ago

Never heard of this. Now I know why. POOR.