Bayonetta PS3 getting fixed by Sony before US release?

It's no secret by now that Bayonetta on the PS3 is little more than a less-than-stellar port of the leading Xbox 360 version. Long loading times, poor framerate and altogether murkier graphics stand out to make Bayonetta inferior on the PS3, but it's now being reported that Western PS3 fans might not suffer as much as Japanese ones.

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Delta3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

Sony is Cool that way.

deadreckoning6663303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

"Sony is Cool that way."

Yep, the same way they fixed the PS3 versions of The Orange Box and Ghostbusters right?

As far is Bayonetta is concerned, I hear its great. I'll get it with GOW3 in March.

"Remind me again of Gears of War 2?"

Ummm why would I? I don't own a 360 and I've never played Gears 2 online. What does Gears 2 have ta do with anything?

PirateThom3303d ago

Sony and Sega have a good relationship though, when the Orange Box came out there was no such relationship with EA and certainly not with Valve.

calis3303d ago

Yep, the same way they fixed the PS3 versions of The Orange Box and Ghostbusters right?"

Microsoft should have jumped in for Dragon Age.

Godmars2903303d ago

The same way Sega isn't for porting it in the first place?

Just like Sony had nothing to do with the Orange Box deadreckoning666. Sure they would have though if they had gotten fed up with the state of multiplatform titles sooner.

mrv3213303d ago

A deadreckoning. You are over estimating the the problems with the PS3 orange box.

Remind me again of Gears of War 2? Oh wait you won't because you know how broken that online was.

raztad3303d ago


I had to disagree with you there. Why Sony should fix every game out there?

Probably (if this has any true on it) Sega requested some help from Sony. I really doubt they can achieve a lot in such a short time, probably the framerate will be slightly improved or the loading time will be a bit shorter but I doubt the improvements will be something drastic. Bayonetta PS3 is not more than a turd of a port.

Lifendz3303d ago

Gotta think if Valve expressed any sort of interest in getting help programming for the PS3 that Sony would extend a helping hand. Oh well.

TotalPS3Fanboy3303d ago

With Sony's help, PS3 will get the superior version of Bayonetta afterall. Hip hip hoooray!!!

summons3303d ago

I hope this news is real and not made up.

kws10653303d ago

Sony needs a studio only to help third parties.

Nikuma3303d ago

...I'm very excited to play Bayonetta and if the PS3 version gets polished up that'd be fantastic. :D

soljah3303d ago

yep give it to naughty dog to clean up.
then on the front cover of the ps3 version. have a huge sticker

"optimized by Naughty dog only for ps3"
then sit back and watch the sales vs the 360 version

Reibooi3303d ago

I love how it says "The team hopes to "guarantee" a version of Bayonetta that is equal to the PS3's considerable power."

I find it funny because if Sony does succeed in this then the US PS3 version will look better then the 360 version. Although this isn't really fact yet. A random website saying it's happening is no confirmation. Once Sony, Sega or Platinum Games comes out and tells us this is the case I will believe it.

Anon19743303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

There have been a few articles about this now and it finally made me google Bayonetta to see what that the hell this game is about, because it wasn't even a blip on my radar.

Now looking at the reviews I'm even less interested. Looks like a Ninja Gaiden/Devil May Cry meets Heavenly Sword. The reviews have been decent, but looking at the gameplay I just don't see what the fuss is about.

I could care less if the PS3 port suffers, or if the 360 port suffers. There are too many great games right now that I don't have time to play and I've got a stack of games on my wish list as long as my arm before I'd even consider looking at this game. I can't see this game selling when you consider what it's going up against currently. If anyone can tell me why gamers should care, I'd be interested in hearing your take. Even the reviews giving it 9/10 made me go "Meh."

Just one guy's opinion.

solidjun53303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

Maybe you should do your research before you spout all that mess. Sony had nothing to do with those respective games.

"Ummm why would I? I don't own a 360 and I've never played Gears 2 online..."

You could've fooled me.

[email protected]

Don't be surprised. He's said some funny comments before.

RememberThe3573303d ago

I have to say, that was a very disappointing comment right there.

Godmars2903303d ago

The rep of the PS3 version's been damaged too much to make it a 1st choice buy.

Even if Sony does manage to "fix" it they're going to have to do some heavy advertising. Get all of the reviewers who've already washed their hands of it to give it another chance - and deliver heavily.

summons3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

If this news is remotely true Sony has their work cut out for them. I don't know how you are saying if Sony works on it, the PS3 version will be better. Looks like more of a Memory issues than anything else, too much being displayed at once and too fast. Looks like the developers toned down things that were bogging the PS3 performance so it can run close to the 360 version or the target performance level.

Anyways I will be playing the US 360 demo when I get home because I was lucky enough to win the G4 demo code give away. last night.

Reibooi3303d ago


Sony and their first party studio's have made games that look FAR better then Bayonetta run flawlessly on PS3. If anyone can fix up the game to run the way it should it's them. If they can fully take advantage of the PS3 hardware there is a decent chance the game could end up looking better then the 360 version. Is it unlikely? yes it is. But still possible nonetheless.

Anon19743303d ago

I know a lot of people around these forums will try to convince you that there's something wrong with the PS3, or that the PS3 isn't a capable system but nothing could be further from the truth. There's plenty of exclusives that show off what the PS3 is capable of that really prove that line of thinking wrong. Because we know there's nothing wrong with the machine itself, then it's logical to focus on the developer after that.

In this case if Sega needed help, perhaps they should have gone to Sony a little sooner. End of the day I can't see this game selling all that well outside of Japan. There's just too many excellent titles out that it will be going head to head with.

summons3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

The 360 is a very powerful console with no 1st developers taping into its potential. Games like Alan Wake, Me2 and this will show, you guys are exaggerating the PS3's power and making up lies about the 360's power.

Has it ever occurred to you the PS3 isn't as powerful in certain areas?

raztad3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )


I dont agree with you. The xbox is a pretty standard dumbed down PowerPC arch with a pretty standard PC graphic card. The positive side of being standard, is that third parties should be able to push the hardware to its fullest, and MS wouldnt need to have a dedicated team of super developers as Sony does.

That said. If you want to know ALREADY what a first party devel can do on the xbox360, no needs to wait for fabled new incredible good looking exclusives, here you go:

That is quite a new game right there, and the devel is Turn10. See how it compares to GT5P.

Highatus3303d ago

Stole the words out of my mouth!

Sony and Sega are pretty tight compared to most 3rd party devs.

duplissi3303d ago

well sony had a big hand in the bioshock port, so this isnt the first time.

s8anicslayer3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

If sony is putting the effort and $$$$ to fix a broken port then this game must be good, atleast I hope so!

bakasora3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

That would be great because I thought of getting the X360 version. Played the demo this game is real fun.

vhero3302d ago

"PS3 is little more than a less-than-stellar port of the leading Xbox 360 version" ???Thats a bull crap lie the differnces are not as major as 360 fanboys are making out. Sony are just trying to make them even less.

SaiyanFury3302d ago

I'm not going to trot out the old PS3 is more powerful than the 360 argument. The fact of the matter is that Platinum games developed Bayonetta on the 360 with no interest in a PS3 version. SEGA, on the other hand saw the potential for a PS3 release, considering it's a Japanese game, that many fans of Japanese games would like to see on the system. They didn't make it work as well, so they turned to Sony for help. Asking for help when it's needed is not a shameful act, it's one to be applauded. SEGA wanted the experience to be the best on both consoles, why rag on them for that?

On a personal note, I didn't find the demo from the Japanese PSN bad. Sure the framerate wasn't a locked 60FPS, but it was completely playable and I found no real fault in it. I haven't played it on the 360, but it looked decent enough to me. Sure it's a lot like Devil May Cry; it was developed by the same guy, Kameya Hideki. But I loved the whole ethereal appeal, much more than DMC's demonic approach which has been done to death in games these days. If some people from Sony can improve the game I found very playable then so much the better. I'm not going to criticise it. Again, a personal not, but I thought a valid one.

andron3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

It's just questionable how much you can improve it in in such short time.

Also since the game clearly was developed on 360 without much thought for PS3, it could be difficult to make improvements without major changes to the code.

But I'm hopeful that the western version will be better, I really want to play this game...

Edit: And lets not kid ourselves, as the Digital Foundry analysis showed there are major frame rate issues with the PS3 version. That and the loading times are the greatest problems with it. The demo didn't include the most challenging parts for a reason, the frame rate dips in the 20 fps. Not good for an action game...

DaTruth3302d ago

Remove the compression!

Problem solved!

Excellent PS3 Bayoneeta released!

lightningsax3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

According to this, they "charged" a Sony engineering team to do this... This must be lost in the Japanese translation. Do they mean "paid" or was this some sort of joint venture? Usually when someone "charges" someone with doing a task, it's because they have some sort of obligation to do so, i.e. "I charge the next President of Whatever Country with doing blah blah blah..."

If Sony and Sega really are that well-linked, maybe they could, oh, I don't know, pass a few IP's around? Maybe PSN would finally get Rez HD, JSRF, anything from the Panzer Dragoon series? I mean, there was that Dreamcast rumor, but we sure haven't seen anything yet.

@Dead - It's not usually Sony's job to do this. Was Microsoft supposed to fix the 360 version of Dragon Age? Of course not! I do see where you're coming from, in a way - this is weird.

@Raz - I think you're more on the right track with your guess - Sega probably paid Sony to do this - "charged" isn't really the right English word, unless Sega opened a giant Sony credit card.

creatchee3302d ago

Did you bother to read the article? Here is the last paragraph in its entirety:

"Turn 10 obviously wants to use those resources elsewhere, be it in implementing features like rewind, or its hugely innovative system in swapping user-generated content. Indeed, the developer is on the record in stating that these concepts are its primary focus. Refining its handling and feedback model is also a hugely important element. GT's handling was once considered unassailable, but Forza feels absolutely wonderful to control. It's difficult to comment on the exact technical characteristics of the handling in either game, but one thing that is certain is that whatever success Forza has here is entirely down to Turn 10's own endeavours. The handling model is no carbon copy of GT's: one lap of the Suzuka circuit in the Ferrari 599 on both games feels almost completely different. Without having a real-life Ferrari to hand, it's impossible to tell which is the more realistic, but the question really should be, to what extent does it actually matter if it feels right, and you're having fun?"

Graphics are merely first impressions - but playability and fun are the only real reasons to buy a game. Not saying GT won't have all of them, but stop pretending that Forza doesn't have the two more important things....

lightningsax3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

@Everyone - Wow, I had no clue that Forza was also Bayonetta. Stunning revelation... this is incredibly on-topic, huh? *points to the open zone*

2cents3302d ago (Edited 3302d ago )

If Sony can then they should. Why settle for a sh1tty port if Sony can work some magic. Beyonetta looks sweet and will be a good injection to the hack n slash genre. I will prob pick it up on 360, benefit from some achievements.

Having said that, the PS3 demands more respect than its getting from lazy devs. We all know what CAN be done on the BEAST, I want more quality multi-plats on my PS3

Enigma_20993302d ago

"Yep, the same way they fixed the PS3 versions of The Orange Box and Ghostbusters right?"

You mean two OTHER games that the developers were to f***ing lazy to make as good as their 360 ports, right? if they weren't so half a**ed when they were released, SONY wouldn't have to step in to do ANYTHING. In truth, it's kinda say that they have to do this in the first place. If anything, you should be taking snipes at Platinum Games themselves... since they were too sorry to do the PS3 port themselves.

... Oh, what do you care... you speak like you've already got it for the 360.

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FishCake9T43303d ago

Who cares, in the end there will be only chaos.

Redempteur3303d ago

Well before jumping into the chaotic orgy of blood some overstyled action by this witch might be a fun ride ...

Haloreacharound3303d ago

But if Sony cleans up Bayonetta I'll consider getting it.

El_Colombiano3303d ago

That statement works on every post ever for N4G.

"Who cares, in the end there will only be chaos."

silvacrest3303d ago

i'll admit, when i read that i did smile

ultimolu3303d ago

I like your style. :)

That'll be interesting if Sony gets involved. But I've already imported the game so...

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MasterChief36243303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

I haven't tried the game first-hand, partly because I don't know where the demo can be found, but I heard the PS3 version had a lot of issues. But I also heard Platinum Games was working on smoothing it out before release, so I wasn't too worried.

To hear that Sony is possibly fixing it before it comes over here, though, helps me set aside my fears even more. They really don't want this game to be inferior on the PS3, like so many other multiplatform titles are :)

I do hope that them fixing the North American version opens up the possibility to patch up the Japanese version, though. I think that would be rather nice of them to patch that up and such.

Redempteur3303d ago

the demo is on the japan store and is coming THIS week on the us store .
The framerates issues weren't that bad in the demo but it's noticeable ...

mastiffchild3303d ago

True words Redempteur. Very true indeed. I've heard all mannyer of scare stories in my time on this planet, both in the gaming and wider world at large but not often have I seen so much made of so little. Vayonetta on the PS3 is not at the same level of ineptness that Te Orang Box was/is-not by a long way if the Japanese demo is much to go on.

As you so rightly say there ARE framerate issues but I found them pretty minimal and more interestingly at odd times in the action. I'd expect them when the screen was most busy but there didn't seem to be a rule in that direction in this demo at all-the dips were rarer than made out, not as bad as made out and, frankly, more than a little bit random in appearance. THe fact is that there seems to be a p[roblem that isn't necessarily the usualone for the framerate dips an as such it MAY be easy for Sony to fix-who knows(or even who knows if they ARE doing anything at all?)? Thing is I didn't find slow loads OR anything muddy at all and didn't EVEN adjust my contrast which I would have if confronted by notivable murky/myddy looks in a game. As I said then and say again now the daults with Bayonetta PS3 have been exafeated beyond many games that slipped by unnoticed in thois regard and to be mentioned in the same breath as the really poor TOB [port is way unfair from all I've seen myself.

That said I've been a lot more puzzled by the great reviews the game's got so far as, to me, it seems a little lazy from Kamiya and Platinum and felt a lot like his previous DMC work with a few additions(breasts and wry sexuality and hair attacks)and a few minuses(it's unoriginal and feels like an autopilot game drawn from Kamiya's memory-and Dante isn't a freak like Bayonetta either!)but not as much class because it goes for the shock too often. The combat is where it's most similar(except ALL the enemies looking lifted from Dnte's series)and there IS a lot of variety there meaning more thasn one way to achieve things but the speed(another DMC carry over) means you won't often feel like experimenting or that you even have the time. In the end it faikled to feel either as fesh or as sleek as , say, DMC3. Whether it's up to DMC4 standards is moot as that game wasn't up to it's series standards anyway.

I'm still giving this a rental as I might be victim of an unrepresentative demo but so far there's many more reasons that have nothing to do with the quality, or otherwise, of Sega's port to not buy this game for any platform and very few that I've seen to suggest the port would outweigh normal considerations lie controller preference-in factthe 360 controller wouldn't be my favourite for either this OR DMC games but that's just me possibly but, whatever, there are ports as weak and weaker than this one that haven't harmed sales or upset anyone on either platform and I can only guess that this has been built uop because fewer ports have issues at all now and because Pltinum couldn't do the decent thing and make both versions themselves.

Seriously, people blame Sega wen they, at last, bothered making it for Sony gamers ahile Platinum get of lightly-maybe they wanted this to be 360 exclusive for their own reasons and had Sega made the awful port they are reported to have then I'd afree that they should have been allowed their wish bu Sega's port just isn't the minefield some suggest. Even the much quoted Famitsu scores for the two versions make little distincion when you really look at it. It's seen as perfect by all four on 360 yet two said it was also perfect on the PS3? Two marks out of 40(when they also don't offer half marks or percentage points in that mag)ios Nothing esp when they're having the temerity to say a game's pefect to start with! Whatever, would anyone give a game 10/10 if the port they played was as bad as this has been said to be? No. I wouldn't give it 9/10 eithernmyself and the scores suggest to me that the only real issue is the one I saw-an unreliable and possibl;y fixab;e framerate issue.

I see a lot of BS spoken about the relatve merits of multi pla versions with programs used to find fault between games aiming to look the same and unable to really push EIHER console because they have to be aware of the other's weaknesses-even in Platinums case here they had the PS3 port in mund EVEN if they don't make it. IF Bayonetta looked better than any PS3 games ever made than I'd ive the argument over multis more credence but from where I'm sat a lot of gfaming writers need these differences to justify their jobs at EG/DF or LoT or IGN-wha's the point when all the games look the same basically? Well they do but we still get this rubbish fpr every release with "winners" found even when the differences aren't eye visible! Maybe, because there is the odd issue with this game that's why they've been like dogs fighting over a juicy bone with it!? Whatever, to me it's stil a mere blemish and only illustrates how well most devs(when they make both versions-how did we expect there to be NO difference with different makers here?)can pull off the forced parity of this generation's multis.

So, yeah, theres a little something in all this but like Vayonetta herself it's a lot more fuss than I think it's worth so far.

Redempteur3302d ago

lol you sure don't make short replies .

sure sega actually bothered to port it IN TIME but ....well a good port would have been easier FOR everyone if platinium games actually had the time OR/AND the money to dev on both platforms's not something doabl for a dev team like them without a certain budget and bayonnetabeing a new ip ... is what have appeared to some like a huge risk ..

PirateThom3303d ago

Just sent Santa Monica over, that'll fix it.

Bumpmapping3303d ago

Even if they did get it up to par with the 360 version,game would still look like sh!t compared to GOW3.

tdrules3303d ago

does GOW3 even run at 60fps, thats a genuine question no dig or anything.
cos if its at 30 thats just plain unacceptable for a fast paced game, I cant wait for GOW Collection in UK, I hear thats 60fps

Bumpmapping3303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

1080p 60fps Only Possible On PS3.


Why did you ask me? and I never mentioned PC, I was talking about PS3 vs 360,you know the only console to do Native 1080p...Sorry you don't know your facts GOW3 going to be running 60fps,devs already confirmed this.

All you have to do is type God of war 3 60fps in google,it's not that hard son.

tdrules3303d ago

nah im pretty sure it could run at that easily on my GTX 260 but keep following the ads son.
and yeah i have a PS3, but I know my facts.

Teh Cell3302d ago

The only console to do native 1080p? Lol, what? You're an idiot...

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