ConnectedConsoles: Modern Warfare 2 PS3 Combat Controller

CC: On November 10, Mad Catz and Infinity Ward released a large range of Modern Warfare 2 themed accessories including the new PlayStation 3 Combat controller which we've been using for the last couple of days (thanks to Mad Catz).

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dpdvxkpizbnwg3299d ago

Ordered and received mine with Modern Warfare 2. It's good, though it's a lot heavier than the dulashock 3

mj2463299d ago

i've only tried it at a friends house, and i wasnt blown away by it or anything. its just a controller really. but the lights are cool :)

McErono3299d ago

it has no rumble!? so I guess no sixaxis too?

waste of money...

_insane_gamer_3299d ago

I don't need sixaxis, but we all need a bit of rumble on the PS3!