Gamefaqs: The Top 10 Dark Spell Casters

Gamefaqs: With the completion of the creepiest spell casters. It was easy to come to the conclusion that I was only beginning to define the crazy and weird aspects of many video game spell casters in which obviously indicated that I was missing many creepy spell casters. Now I am not out to replicate the list rather expand on it in a sense. A dark caster can be defined as an evil, shifty, cruel, mysterious, cold, or even a little creepy. In a sense of fairness this list will not include any of the spell casters listed on the creepiest spell caster list, but it will include some of the same games on that list. To clarify a spell caster is one who uses a mystical art or magic of sorts this can include illusions, magic items, demonic powers, and certain tech skills. With that out of the way time to begin.

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