IncGamers Column - Why Open-World Games Are Growing Stale

IncGamers' Tim McDonald writes about why open-world games are growing stale, and the ways in which they can innovate and evolve.

The column reads: "It's not that open-world games are all bad because they're not, by any stretch of the imagination; even the most average ones have sufficient redeeming features that they're usually worth a purchase. But 'open-world' is rapidly becoming something at risk of being tacked on to games, much as 'online multiplayer' and 'co-op' frequently are. They're not the focus of the game. They're a bullet point on the back of the box."

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AndyA3299d ago

Good article, I agree the genre is in danger of becoming stale.

Leord3299d ago

Open world is something I like, but even open world games benefit from having structure.

It doesn't have to force the player in a direction, but having a few obvious direction helps people achieve things, and create new, user-made directions!