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1up Review Tomb Raider Anniversary

Poor Lara. After the first couple great Tomb Raider games, she spent an awful lot of time getting kicked around by her creators, forced to appear in one shoddy, franchise-milking sequel after another, culminating in the abhorrent Angel of Darkness, after which Eidos pulled original developer Core out of the equation. But last year's Legend went a long way toward redeeming Lara and compensating for the many wrongs done to her and the franchise. Now, Tomb Raider: Anniversary proves that was no fluke. (PC, PS2, Tomb Raider: Anniversary)
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THC PRITCHARD  +   3007d ago
do u no what would be funny ?

Drake's Fortune and Lara in a Co,op or Vs game

If the vs game came out Lara would play a Great bad girl

And no before i get my beatings lol i don't compare Drake's Fortune to tomb raider.

Drake's Fortune is going to be awesome
i just hope they add MP
gta_cb  +   3007d ago
yah good idea, but i cant see it happening,

as for MP yeh i hope they add it.
gta_cb  +   3007d ago
saw this game in the shops (advertisement board) dont know if its out yet or not but it does look like it could be good =)
Darth Gamer  +   3007d ago
Can't wait! comes out today.
Still one of my favorite games. (the original) This one is looking to be just as good. can't wait to visit some of the old spots like, Sir. francis folly, egypt and the coliseum.

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