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hynesa023123d ago

So world war 2 is finally coming to an end...

diefor3123d ago

I don't think. But i hope it will be as good as MW 2.

tdrules3123d ago

someone didnt get the memo!

buckethead_9113123d ago

Medal of Honor: ZZ Top/Zakk Wylde Assault.

I riiiiiike!

Highwayman3123d ago

The guy in the photo is familiar...I've seen photos of him in Afgan and Iraq. He's the real deal. I wonder how EA got him to do a photo shoot? He's known as "The beard guy" on some Military/gun forums.

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3123d ago
Sevir043123d ago

On topic, this pack shot looks sick but i'm only getting first person shooters next year and 2 of them are exclsuive to the PS3, and the other is coming from DICE...

Ace Killa 083123d ago

so now medal of honor in modern time, now if teryarch goes along with the trend, the next idea for a game will be futuristic warfare?

Raf1k13123d ago

It's been done already with Battlefield 2142 but yeh I think you're right in that the trend will likely lead into that direction.

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The story is too old to be commented.