Sony Seeks Dismissal of PS3 Firmware Suit

Lawyers for Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) plan on seeking a dismissal of a class-action suit alleging firmware updates for the PlayStation 3 weren't adequately tested, freezing some consoles and rendering the Blu-ray Disc drive inoperable on others.

According to court documents, SCEA will seek the dismissal Dec. 21 in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, alleging the plaintiff, Florida resident John Kennedy, filed "deficient" claims against the company.

"Based on nothing more than the notion that his PS3 was 'degraded' by Firmware 3.0, Kennedy [asserts] seven district claims for relief in a consummate example of shotgun pleading," the court filing reads. "Kennedy offers a laundry list of claims that necessarily depend on facts notably missing from the complaint."

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drdistracto7073299d ago

frivolous lawsuits for the lose!!!

you rock sony :)

MAiKU3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

The kid is going to lose. There were probably a number of choices of actions he should have took, there's always an agreement thing you have to accept before every firmware install.

I'm getting tired of america and it's sue for anything policy.

duarteq3299d ago

Only in America, the land of "Dreams"...

Rip-Ridah3299d ago

Sony will have their lawyers ready for whatever may come their way. The ratio of defective consoles already plays in Sony's favor. The 1 year warranty will certainly be brought up by the lawyers to defend the $150 repair cost, but I don't see either suit holding up in court. Either way, it sucks for anyone's console to be effected in a negative fashion. The projection lamp on my tv just went out, so no gaming for me on my 60" 1080p for at least 3-4 days. $154 and I'll be as good as new.

cmrbe3299d ago

If Sony is at fault then i hope they get pay. It would be good for every other PS3 gamer. However if Sony did nothing wrong then obviously PS3 owners in these guys situation should just bit the bullet.

Dark_king3299d ago

Well i kind of want him to win.Then I would be able to demand my money back for my first ps3 that broke.The firmware wouldn't install past 56% and I was 2 weeks out of warranty.(not that i could have used the warranty it was raining the day i bought it and my proff of purchase became to messed up to read)But at least that cant happen with the firmware anymore thanks to a update awhile back .