PS3 vs Xbox 360: an unbiased comparison

"The console war between the PS3 and the Xbox 360 can get very heated as fanboys exchange insults and arguments over various gaming forums across the internet. This can make it very hard for the average consumer to find a credible, factual comparison between the consoles. If they are actually trying to decide which to purchase, the facts can become shrouded by fanboy's arguments."

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GWAVE3301d ago

"An unbiased comparison"

Easiest way to spot a biased article.

hay3301d ago

Yo G-dawg, what did you do with your bubbles? Have one.

About comparison: Maybe unbiased, but there are logical faults here and there ignoring personal preferences.

THE MAX SPEED 213301d ago

Lmao 1 bubble now? I'm the one who got rid of your last one.

on topic: They'Re still doing these types of article? I'm pretty sure by now people are aware of which console is the strongest and offers more.

Pennywise3301d ago

It blows my mind that GWAVE has less bubbles than a lot of trolls on this site. I gave him one today, but looks like more people don't like him(or reality a few people with a bunch of accts dont like him)

Bodyboarder_VGamer3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

THE MAX SPEED 21 has more bubbles but that's because that's like his fourth account. lol

At least GWAVE stays true.

Sanzee3301d ago

I say we both get along. I want to play Uncharted 2, and I'm sure some of you want to play Mass Effect 2. Let's do it!

THE MAX SPEED 213301d ago

lmao Gwave 2bubbles now

Topic: Co-sings with Sanzee

Bungie3301d ago

lol who cares about bubbles

Saigon3301d ago

what happens when you run out of bubbles...

Persistantthug3301d ago

The problem is, if you only have 1 bubble to start with, then no one can automatically read your'll have to click on another link to see what they said.

Also, if you run out of bubbles, then you can't comment on that topic anymore. So the number of times you can comment are dependent on the number of open bubbles you have.

I recently lost a couple of bubbles, but I gained 1 back.
such is life I guess.

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Sanzee3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

NO bickering.

-GametimeUK-3301d ago

360 = better exclusives
360 = better multiplat games
360 = best online
ps3 = blu ray player

Hands down 360 is the better console. Its not even worth debating or comparing. 360 IS the BEST console EVER made. :)

Pennywise3301d ago

Coming from the guy on the PSN every night!

That's right... I said it. lol

Roper3163301d ago

better exclusives?? like Darkest of Days? Or Infernal Hells Vengence? MS's exclusives aren't really that great tbh.

THE MAX SPEED 213301d ago

Well roper both consoles got some bad games PS3 got Lair , Haze , Cross Edge etc.

Persistantthug3301d ago

Since I got my PS3 in January this year, that was a pretty important thing.

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FishCake9T43301d ago

Why just play Uncharted when you can play Uncharted and Mass Effect? Solution get both if u can.

Alcon Caper3301d ago

man, the guys voice in the video just really gets on my nerves.

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