Twisted metal PS3 will be: Serial killer

Its been " kinda " confirmed that a twisted metal game was coming for the PlayStation 3, but sources confirmed me that the new Twisted metal: Serial killer will be shipping at the end of 2010, near Christmas. It will mostly focus on the online part, just like the previous Twisted metal games but it will have a brand new Single player mode.

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THE MAX SPEED 213276d ago

If true. This shall be a Must get.

sinncross3276d ago

I dunno. I just want to play an HD Twisted Metal (with improvements etc). I don't see the need in some third person single player addition which may not even fit well with the series.

THE MAX SPEED 213276d ago

I agree with you.Twisted Metal always did well without 3rd person Action. Let's hope they can Balance 3rd person & Driving battles very well.

Sangria3276d ago (Edited 3276d ago )

I wonder how it will be. I wouldn't mind an adventure action game with Sweettooth, he's not my favorite character (I prefer Preacher and Dollface) but it may be very interesting if the gameplay matches, as long as they keep the good old car massacre and the dark psycho background.

LiquifiedArt3276d ago

Twisted Metal was far superior when it was more Light-Hearted.

Ala.. Twisted Metal 2.

Where everything wasn't directly from the fires of Hell.

DoucheVader3276d ago

This all sounds good, but sounds very speculative to me.

Also there are a few articles on this site promoting a porn site. Quality work.

bacon133276d ago

Hope its true. Twisted Metal 2 and Twisted Metal Black were a blast to play. Yet another reason for me to get a PS3 as if GOW 3 wasn't enough reason.