Is God Of War Facing Stiff Competition?

Does Sony have anything to worry about with God of War III possibly being overshadowed?

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GWAVE3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Can't say I'm surprised to see the media do this. They don't have any 360 exclusives to tout over the upcoming PS3 exclusives, so they have to drag down PS3 exclusives any way they can (in this case, using multiplats). They're also comparing GoW3 to Bayonetta.

They did the same thing with inFamous ("Can inFamous compete with Prototype?"), Killzone 2 ("is it finally the Halo killer?"), MGS4 ("what's it like compared to Gears?"), Uncharted 1 ("what's it like compared to Gears?"), etc. etc. ad nauseum.

And yet, have they given any 360 exclusives the same treatment? Where is the flood of "can Alan Wake compete with Heavy Rain?" articles? Where are the "is Halo: Reach facing stiff competition?" blogs? Where is the flood of "will Natal face stiff competition?" articles?

Darkeyes3301d ago

Well lol it's Dantes Inferno and Beyonetta which are facing stiff competition as they directly compete with GOW for a pie of the H & S genre. I am pretty much sure in terms of sales, GOW3 will be only trumped by GT5 in the first half.

The possibility of DI being better than GOW3 are really really really rare, since it's nothing but a blatant rip off of GOW. One thing I am dead sure GOW3 will be better than any other game is in the field of Story... 1 & 2 were EPIC and after how 2 ended, only a fool would question the story of 3... Then another department is the Graphics.... Seriously this department as well will get owned by GOW3.

In terms of reviews, I am pretty sure Dante's Inferno will get raped in a few for being GOW clone. I can even see Edge and Eurogamer giving GOW3 7s cause it beings nothing new.

It's relatively quiet now, but just let the next year start and there are going to be huge war here. Same old Prototype vs Infamous crap. Beyonetta... Well if it's anything close to the demo, then it's crap to say the least. Best part for a PS3 owner is that he can experience all 3 :)

raztad3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

How can you overshadow the God of War? Bayonetta will be hyped to death by xboxers an related media, trying to convince themselves they are not missing anything out if they dont play GoW3, because for them GoW3 is GoW2 in HD. Like GoW2 was a bad game to begin with. LOL.

I see the fear and hatred against GoW3 climbing up as release date approaches. It's funny to read DI listed in someone's MAJOR GAMES TO IMPACT 2010 list, while GoW3 was nowhere to be seen. Thats is somewhat hilarious because DI is a copycat, blatant ripoff of GoW2 gameplay, DI=Gow2 in HD for instance.

When GoW3 lands will be only chaos.


Buble for you dude. I dont know how people comes here to say that ps3 fanboys have the more bubbles but I always see you struggling with one, two or three max.

Chubear3301d ago

They started earlier then usual I see.

PrimordialSoupBase3301d ago

That God of War's formula is based on something half a decade old makes it easy for others to replicate it. All will be roughly as good as a game that might as well have been made five years ago.

RedPawn3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

I'm just glad people are trying to put out action games, instead of the next gayass FPS, or lame sandbox game.'

StanLee3301d ago

With Darksiders, Bayonetta and Dante's Inferno all being released in the months prior to God of War III's release, I think the action adventure genre is seeing a resurgence. But those games are all new IPs while God of War is a proven, quality franchise. I don't see how any of those releases can overshadow God of War III. If anything, they overshadow each other. I think it will be hard for all 3 to find a place with consumers. Bayonetta may be the breakout star with Darksiders and Dante's Inferno finding a lukewarm reception.

Noob3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

GOW is a proven series. People will feel more confident buying it because they know what to expect. Why would PS3 owners purchase an imitation when they can spend the same amount of money and buy the real game? And for Bayonetta, I expect piss poor sales, even with all the hype generated from all these articles. It would make more sense for people to compare Dante's Inferno to Bayonetta since they're two multiplat games, clones of two proven series, and are new IPs.

deadreckoning6663301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Two games can overshadow God of War 3 in March:

Bad Company 2

But who cares? Is competition gunna stop anyone from buying God of War 3? Not me.

@GWAVE-PS3 exclusives are always being questioned because 360 exclusives have been doing exponentially better than PS3 exclusives for the past 4 years. Look at Gears 2, Halo 3, LFD2, and ODST sales. 360 exclusives have ALREADY proven themselves to the media and the mainstream. All the media sees is SALES, which is why they continue to question PS3 exclusives.

When a PS3 exclusive does 2 million in ONE week or ONE day, then these articles will stop. GWAVE u have a long wait ahead of you :)

I suggest you just enjoy ur PS3 exclusives and if what the media think is SOOO important to you then I suggest you try an encourage other PS3 owners to ACTUALLY buy PS3 exclusives instead of just talking about them.

bacon133301d ago

The GOW franchise is simply one of the, if not the best, franchises ever made in games. After moving from my PS2 to an Xbox360, I can honestly say there is no game on the 360 that could compare to what it seems GOW 3 has to offer. While the PS3 and Xbox360 each have thier fare share of awesome content, the GOW games are epic in every sense of the word. I know I will be buying a PS3 just so I can play the crap out of that amazing game in a few months.

On a side note. Enough already with the fanboy wars. Each system has its own pros and cons along with great games. It's the exclusives that get people all bent out of shape. If PS3 had Gears and Xbox360 had God of War 3 it wouldn't matter. Pick your system, game on and shut up already.

sikbeta3301d ago

Hello kid, seems like you are not understanding something:

Is The F*cking GOD OF WAR!!!!! it clear?

Now, go ask your mom to buy it for you, Is rated MATURE.....

Roper3163301d ago


The games sell so well on the 360 because it is so long in between quality games that everyone runs out and buys them when a big name game releases. So how did Darkest of Days sell as an exclusive on the 360? Or how about Infernal Hell Vengeance? EXACTLY!!!! So while PS3 owners get great quality exclusives throughout the whole year, 360 gamers have to sift through the garbage like DOD & IHV so when a big name game releases it sells a ton because there was nothing else to buy before it.

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beardpapa3301d ago

a look into the next couple months of next year and my wallet appears dryer than ever.

Mass Effect 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, Heavy Rain, GT5, GoW3, FF13.

Anything else coming out January - March?

colonel1793301d ago

why does the media always want to downplay PS3 exclusives in every way they can?

LAIR- Sixaxis don't work!
Heavenly Sword - Too Short!
Warhawk - where's single player?
Killzone 2 - Halo Killer? Not! it didn't sell 4 million day one.. FAIL! COD4 controllers are better!
inFamous - But will it be better than Prototype?
Uncharted - Been there, done that.. Tomb Raider rip-off
LittleBigPlanet - Racist song! DOOM! we are going to hell!
Resistance - Gears of War is better! (not a FPS but who cares!, need to pick on something!
Resistance 2 - Fable III box art rip off!! OMG!!
Ratchet and Clank Future - Too much variety..FAIL!!
Metal Gear Sold 4 - it's a movie not a game! CRY!! CRY!! (crying wolf yelling it)
Uncharted 2 - It's not original.... but yeah COD MW2 is the most ori...wait for it..wait for it.. ginal
Modnation Racers - Mario Kart Rip Off
God of War 3 - Dante's Inferno's Rip Off!!!!..... dude! God of War came out 5 years before...ok, I'll give you that, but will it be better than Dante's?.. dude! Dante's Inferno is a cynical rip-off of God of War!... but will it sell better?

maniacmayhem3301d ago

You are the biggest PS3 conspiracy nut job on this site. Seriously,

"They don't have any 360 exclusives to tout over the upcoming PS3 exclusives..."

Who is "they"? I read the article and he doesn't even mention anything about the 360. He's comparing a game (Dante's Inferno) that is a blatant copy of GoW III. I've played DI at PAX and it definitely is.

And the reason everything is compared to Halo is because as much as you don't want to admit it, Halo has set the standard of how FPS console games should be done, the same goes for Gears of War.

InFamous and Prototype where compared because they were damn near identical games.

Stop fooling yourself and get off your "Sony/PS3 is always the victim" box crate.

God of War III will be a great game regardless of how many clones that come out. (Dante's Inferno, Darkriders)

sparta763301d ago

L4d2 come out for pc so is not an exculSive...
Sold 2 mill 360/pc
what exculsive sells more then five million on the 360????
Halo and gears that's it...
Why u trying to make it sound like every game on the 360 sell 2 million in one day?
Mgs4 sold over 5 mill
gtp a [email protected] demo sold over 4 million...
GowIII don't know how much is going to sell, but I know I'm getting it day one!!!

Dark General3301d ago

Saying it has better and more original Boss battles than GoW3 seems like QUITE a bit of praise. Specially considering GoW's boss battles are considered by many to be the creme del la creme of boss battles.

Also Assassins Creed 2 is made by Ubisoft not EA (referring to the article it said AssCreed2 was made by EA).

kws10653301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

There is GT who will say "There is nothing new blah blah"
There is also Gamespy who will say "Single play is too short (even if it is longer than any other action game)"
There is also Edge who will say "There is no MP"

So don't worry. They will not disappoint you guys lol

bnaked3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

God of War is epic! It's so damn epic, there is no competition..

We know it..

Perkel3301d ago

i lol every time i hear about competition for god of war :)

beyonetta vs dante inferno vs ninja gaiden ? Sure why not

gow is all about kratos and this urge to destroy. None other game feel like gow and none other game nails qte like gow. Sure it's rather easy to do combo but everytime you swing your chains you get this feeel ...

coolfool3301d ago

will probably buy every game from that genre rather than just one.

ll_UNDERSCORE_ll3301d ago

The only competition any of the PS3 releases has its it's own PS3 library. Sony has been putting out so many titles/ content many hardcore gamers can't even keep up. 2mil sold here , 3mil sold there is not a let down in sales but overall a success. sad too say I have even rented a few titles cause the influx of great titles that has passed through the PS3 .
Anyone comparing bayonetta with GoW , don't bother. GoW is in a whole different league of its own. Am I the only one here who couldn't careless about bayonetta!

vhero3300d ago

The real questions here should be

1) will Dantes Inferno be as good as GOW an already established franchise? I say probably not.

2) will 360 fanboys say its good or even better even though its multiplatform as they have nothing exclusive that matches it? Of course they will!

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Silly gameAr3301d ago

Yeah. I think GOW3 will be fine. Dante's Inferno looks pretty cool, and it's multiplatform so more people will be able to play it,but Dante will have to cast a pretty big shadow if he want's to hang with Kratos.

ultimolu3301d ago


I highly doubt that. We don't even know if the two games competing will be any good. Can we please wait until they're out? We haven't even reached 2010 yet.

sikbeta3301d ago

The name says it all...

This Game is HUGE as the TITANS are

bacon133301d ago

After playing the demo, its obvious that GOW 3 is going to be anything but amazing. The only thing it needs is a decent length. If it's shorter than the other 2 (which weren't that long) it might get some bad feed back

silvacrest3301d ago

what? short?? neither god of wars were short

when the series cant even reach a 6 hour campaign then we can talk

bacon133301d ago

Agree to disagree. A 6-8 hour campaign to me is short. While I see the GOW games as short it doesn't take away much from the presentation of either game. Both are masterpieces in thier own right.

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Milky3301d ago

GOW 3 is the third game in the series (4th if you count chains of olympus). I don't see how a huge series can be overshadowed by 2 new IPs; one of which is a blatant rip-off. Its like saying Ninja Blade overshadowed Ninja Gaiden 2.

beardpapa3301d ago

they should've port Chains of Olympus into that GoW collection. It would've been the definitive collection.

koehler833301d ago

Established franchises rarely need to worry about new IP.