Resident Evil 6 Starring Leon and possibly Claire?

Rely on Horror, Editor JBoc writes: "If you have been following my early writings from REHorror you may have stumbled upon one article in which I talk about the pattern in Resident Evil games, mostly related to the order of protagonists.

Ok before anyone shouts out demanding for my sources, I don't have any , other than my logic and understanding of this horror franchise.

Well flash back to after Resident Evil 4 hit. Leon got his time to shine and so did another Resident Evil 2 character: Ada, although behind the scenes for most of the main story. And then Umbrella Chronicles came out and it focused on the beginnings of Resident Evil lore and it ended with a strong emphasis on Chris and Jill and their mission in Russia to wipe out the remaining Umbrella HQ. So...what does this have to do with Resident Evil 6, which hasn't even been announced yet..."

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LONEWOLF2313271d ago

Nice very nice!
Finally the best of the series are coming back.......i hope its not a rumor but a fact.

THE MAX SPEED 213271d ago

Same here. I always been a Big Fan of leon. He was my Favorite character back in the PSone Era and when I got my Hands on RE4 on GC I became a Fan even More.

I did not connect with Chris at all during RE5 to say the truth. He bored me.

calis3270d ago

I hope so. Leon rocks.

sikbeta3270d ago

It doesn't matter anymore, Capcom really f*ck the whole franchise with RE5

If were people complaining about RE4, what they are saying now

RE4 was AMAZING, just a GREAT Game, enjoyed it x2 on GC and PS2, but RE5, WTF they did with this Awesome Franchise is unforgivable

fantasygamer3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

he was the main character in RE4 and now the Darkside Chronicles why cant the main character be Ada or Jill >.<

darkvenom3270d ago

think Leon is a cool character,but i would like Rebbeca and Barry to be in Resident Evil 6.

Typical-Guy3270d ago

I don't care who plays the hero. All I care about is the gameplay. I want RE back, the real Resident Evil. Bring the Zombies back. I miss the terrifying atmosphere of RE series.

gtamike1233270d ago

Yes I want Leon in Resident Evil 6 he's my favorite character for Resident Evil.

Im really thinking of getting the Wii just for Darkside Chronicles.

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