Eurogamer: Gravity Crash review

Although they're more different games that at first appears, Gravity Crash suffers terribly from the comparison with the slick PixelJunk Shooter.

They may be trying to do different things, but the charm, ambition, imagination and fine execution of Q-Games' effort - or of something like Geometry Wars - shows how to make retro gaming relevant in a way Gravity Crash can't muster.

It's just about worthwhile as a chance to test yourself against some long-forgotten mechanics, but you can't shake the feeling that Just Add Water is just joining the dots.

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TOO PAWNED3274d ago

has anyone tried it, what do players think?

Double073274d ago

That the score is off, I dont bother reading reviews from Eurogamer but I bought the game and I'd proably give it around 7-8. Its damn tough towards the end as well.