Playing with PSP games on the PS3 will be possible

French Videogame PS3Gen exclusively reports:

"Playing with PSP games on the PS3 seems a project that Sony is preparing in secret. Here's the surprising news that we have gleaned and could make love dematerialization games."

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Rumor Monger3300d ago

That would be Awesome...Amazing...Gorgeous.. .i have no words...

hay3300d ago

Would be awesome. I hope it hits before or with Peacewalker. I hate PSP's analog and playing for some time on handheld gives me unwanted sensations...

B-Real2063300d ago

I think this would be great, not really sure if I should get my hopes up though.

ThanatosDMC3300d ago

YAY! Finally! I've been wanting to play my Monster Hunter Unite on it instead of using the cord to view it on my hdtv.

MURKERR3300d ago

stupid move removing it in the first place

Hate_my_neighbors3300d ago

if you really wanted backwards compatibility you would of got it on launch, or you could go to ebay or amazon and get it; that's what i did. You don't realy want one your just trolling but its not that hard to find a bc playstation. All smart people use google.

darthv723300d ago

I had the idea of there being a mini UMD drive that would connect to the PS2 via the USB port in the front. It would let you pop in any psp or UMD movie and watch/play it on a regular tv. Then sony comes out with the psp2000 series and gives it tv connectivity. Still though, you had to deal with the psp for the controls.

My idea would have you playing the games with the DS2. As time passed and the ps3 was released, I again threw the idea to sony thinking that maybe the power of the ps2 wouldnt have been enough to do it properly. They come out with the go and give it DS3 connectivity along with video out. Closer to the idea I had but the go lacking the UMD really hurt the ability.

Now I know why sony ignored my ideas, they had something of their own in the works. I still wonder why they never made a cheap little UMD drive for USB. It would be sweet to play those old/new UMD games/movies without hooking up a psp 2000/3000/go to a tv. If they make psp games playabe on the ps3 then I guess I would be happy with that.

dragunrising3300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

I would love this...hope it happens. I can see a problem with the resolution making things look fugly...but we will see. I wonder if the PSP Go will be able to use a bluetooth connection directly with the PS3 (rather than over a wireless network)...that would be awesome.

beardpapa3300d ago

at this point, anyone arguing about PS3 not having BC should just throw their consoles away and get a backyard hobby.

Really. 2009. 2010 around the corner. Still complaining about BC? Grow up.

shadow27973300d ago

Why would Sony do this? Don't they want to sell PSP's? Still getting one for the portability, but if this is true, I'm going to feel a little silly.

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Ninji3300d ago

People are probably going to think "Sweet, now I can buy PSP games from the PSN Store and play them on my PS3 without a PSP!"

If anything it will be a reverse remote play feature.

Ju3300d ago

This doesn't make sense (but maybe you're right). Why no just simply hook it up to the TV (and BTW. DS3 works great on the Go!).

soljah3300d ago

i remember several weeks ago that kojima said he has a big suprise for peace walker. he stated that it will make all ps3 owners run out and buy a psp(hum!)

raztad3300d ago

Even if I can I wouldnt. PSP games native resolution is way too low to look close to decent on a HD TV, unless Sony comes up with some sort of super upscaling magic trick but that isnt happening, ever. I much prefer to have my psp for my psp games.

dirthurts3300d ago

would look horrid.
They would have to allow the game to run native hd to catch my attention.
Emulation would be a good option, as many emulators allow this.

darthv723300d ago

those look pretty good on the ps3 as well as psp. You figure those games were even lower res than the psp. I have a few ps1 classics and like that I can play them on the psp as well as ps3. For them to make psp games do the same should be better than ps1 classics.

unrealgamer583300d ago

well it looked ok with resistance retribution so i'll bite.

darthv723300d ago

actually have both the ps3 and psp connected to the tv to play that game? I liked the concept but hated the execution. Having the ps3 on and linked to the psp via usb in order to play one game was a hassel. Let alone having a psp hooked to the tv at the same time. It should have been a one time sync and let you take the controller and psp into another location to play. Be it on tv or not. I just didnt like being restricted to the length of the usb cable and having my ps3 on at the same time to keep the link going.

I like the go approach of having bluetooth but hate that it doesnt have umd.

SolidSystem3300d ago

This will keep me from getting a PSP, but enjoying all the games for it.

i just hope square puts KH on the store sometime. they said BBS wasnt going to be avaiable via the store...

STK0263300d ago

you just pointed out why Sony will not make it happen. If anything, you will need a PSP connected to the PS3 to run the game on your PS3.

Ju3300d ago

Why not ? People who have a PSP get a win-win. You can play at home and on the go. Great. People without a PSP can try the games w/o PSP, and should they like the games, might consider buying one at some point. Sony would sell more games in the worst case, in the best its advertising for the PSP.

darthv723300d ago

Turbografx had a great little handheld in the turboxpress. You could pop the same hucards from the main unit into the portable. I still play street fighter 2 on that thing (great version for an 8bit system).

You also had the sega nomad being able to play genesis games on the go and the unit doubled as a genesis when connected to a tv.

Even nintendo had the option of playing gba games on the game cube much like they had the special cart to play gb games on the snes. You could play the same games on the go and then play them on a tv.

I think sony should have made a UMD drive for ps2. Pop the psp game into that drie and play the game on a tv. Then pop the game out and put it into the psp for portable action. Only real problem there (unlike the other approaches) would be game save data isnt stored on the UMD like it was on carts. They could have made a MSPduo slot on the UMD drive to accommodate.

STK0263300d ago

Some select PSP titles are driving the overall PSP sales, mostly here in the US and Europe where Monster Hunter has yet to be a real system seller.

This has been the story of the PSP since it's birth, a game, usually a console spin-off like GTA:LCS, KH:BBS or FF7:CC, is announced, and all over the forums you see people saying they might buy a PSP for that one game. They feel the need to play these games since they are related to popular franchises.

Now, if you can play the game on your PS3 without the PSP, all these people will gladly buy it on the PS3, boosting the game'S sales, but removing the PSP's main selling point.

Now, why did I mention Monster Hunter? Because Monster Hunter is best played on the go, playing it in your home doesn't make as much sense as playing it outside, with friends.

However, for titles like Crisis Core, people are very happy with playing it on the couch, in the comfort of their homes.

I believe it'S been shown before, that exclusive games drive console sales. Remember when PSP titles used to be released on the PS2 a few months later? It used to greatly slow down PSP sales, proving that people cared more about the games themselves than the portability of said games, releasing them on the PS3 would have the same effect.

SolidSystem3300d ago

if this required me to have a PSP connected to my PS3 vis USB mode.

my biggest problem with hanhelds is i like the bigger and more comfy controller more, and I like my big TV even if the graphics dont look all that good (i play FF7 on my 60gb and dont care).

so i would buy a 1000, and just use it as a disk drive if i meant playing KH BBS on anything other than the small cramped PSP.

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