Call it Slingbox for the gaming set

I met yesterday with David Wilson, president and CEO of Spawn Labs. His company introduced an interesting new technology called the Spawn Box to a crowd of enthusiastic hardcore gadget lovers at TechCrunch50 in September. Dreary-eyed from a sleepless night spent flying across the continent, he was still visibly excited as he gave me a personal demonstration of the device, a real time content-slinging machine designed for high bandwidth video applications-or, more specifically, video games.

Here's how it works: Using component connections, plug up to two consoles into the back of the Spawn Box, then install the corresponding Spawn Box software on your laptop or desktop, then plug in a USB controller. Voila: you can now play high-definition video games running on your home consoles wherever you happen to be, be it upstairs in your study over a local area network or on a web-connected laptop in a hotel room in another country.


Source: Globe and Mail game writer Chad Sapieha.

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