Red Dead Redemption Will Be "a true epic", says Houser

GOONL!NE: Rockstar's just sent out a PR formally announcing that Red Dead Redemption will get a release in the US on April 27th and in the UK on April 30th. Rockstar president Sam Houser said in the PR that the game will be "a true epic."

The game got a new trailer last night, which had already confirmed the release dates for the game.

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DTClown3303d ago

I have Call of Juarez, and it was pretty good too. I like the going back to the old west time periods. There are too many games set in Modern Warfare times and future warfare. These retro periods are a real nice change from the same old same old. Hope it has a good multi player with lots of maps.

i_am_interested3303d ago

im already seeing commercials for this on FX (during sons of anarchy) 5 months away from release, this is definitely going to be big

kingdavid3303d ago

Lets hope its not as boring as gta 4....

sam22363303d ago

That's what he said about GTA4. Hopefully RDR won't turn out to be overhyped crap.