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We [The Globe and Mail] don't typically cover games prior to their release, much less game demos, but when Sega offered us a chance to take an early look at the playable demo of PlatinumGames' Bayonetta, which is slated for public release this Thursday, we couldn't refuse.

This is the game that earned 40 out of 40 from long-running Japanese gaming rag Famitsu, and to which typically hard-nosed U.K. magazine Edge gave a perfect 10. We wanted to see what all the fuss was about, and now that we have we can understand why this Devil May Cry-style actioner is turning heads.

Outrageous is the word that first leaps to mind when considering how best to describe this wildly over-the-top third-person game.

The demo lasts only about 20 minutes, but in that time we watched our sexy, bespectacled, black body suit-clad heroine fight demons on the face of a giant clock tower that was falling sideways along the face of a mountain cliff, take on three separate creatures each 50 times her size (one of whom wielded a broken bridge-on which she stood-as though it were a club), and cast off her clothes (!) which proceeeded to turn into an enormous, smoky dragon with a bite so powerful that it was measured in gigatons on an onscreen meter.

And that's to say nothing of her highly stylized stilettos the points of which are actually gun barrels (you can see one of them blowing the face off of a nameless baddy in the image at the top of this post), the five-metre-tall wraith-like thigh-high boots that occasionally came crashing down from the sky to impale her enemies, or the ridiculously oversized novelty flail that she wielded as though it were made of Styrofoam. We actually found ourselves wide-eyed and laughing out loud at the sheer audacity of a game that allows me to throw archangel-like enemies into iron maidens in the midst of battle and enact torture moves between throwing punches and kicks at its winged pals...

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-GametimeUK-3296d ago

I cant wait for this game. I would call it the GodOW killer but DMC and NG stomp over GodOW already. And this game looks set to stomp all over NG and DMC :D

Julie3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Gametime this is the "Gamer" zone, your trolling is really annoying , please take it to the open zone , there you can race other trolls as you clearly point in your comments, mabe you run this site is the only way i see you can post all those troll comments and still not be banned. You also take out people bubbles dunno how , go ahead have fun i have 9 for you to take. You have years doing the same stuff

PD: please mods i BEG to let the gamers on the gamer zone and "non gamers" on the open zone.

I hope Bayonetta is really good , good games means happy times playing for gamers.

Julie3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

I am very sorry for what i wrote above Gametime , i got a message from a higher up , it seems i was right about why you was alowed to troll on the gamer zone, i almost was banned just for that reply , i am very sorry GametimeUK.

N4G really have weird ways to generate heat and sad to learn it this way , mabe they will ban me now but i won't remain silent after what they told me on that message. Is really sad that websites like this one use fanboyism and hired fanboys as a method to increase hits, create a false gamer zone/open zone , so the people believe that is a fair site, all lies.

creeping judas3296d ago

He really is no different then the regular grew of PS3 fanboys, he just happens to appear to be a 360 fanboy.

Julie3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Yes i don't like those also, but other trolls get their comments deleted or banned or they go to the open zone,this guy just trolls everywhere freely, i even got a really hard to believe pm by a mod after i reported him... Believe me i now know that people like him is here paid or free for some twisted purpose. People with multiaccounts to take out bubbles or to inflate their own.

I used to report both 360 and PS3 fanboys i don't really like all this nonsense war , games are for to have fun not for to get angry :3

But seems like the mods get angry when one reports one of the local trolls , well today i learned: no more troll reports , this is what N4G is known for anyways :I

Btw: read all his comment story , every single comment is stealth trolling or open trolling is annoying on the "gamer zone"

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