Microsoft victorious in battle against piracy?

This statement was released within the xbox modding community from one of the lead creative directors for the firmware team that makes it possible to modify their 360's to play pirated copies of games. Take from it what you will, but to a person that knows little to nothing about the intricacies of modding, it looks like the ones responsible for the rampant piracy of the 360 games, are taking a curtain call. Goodbye free games, modders. Hello empty wallets.
"A overview of the history behind firmware modification & the creation and conclusion of the team formerly 'Team jungle' and the story of an unsuccessful extortion. All views expressed are documented between several members of Team Jungle,THX and the scene and are not opinions expressed by Xbox-Scene.
A great amount of work has been put into the xtreme, and now current ixtreme firmware. commodore4eva, now simply known as 'c4e' came upon the scene to bring changes to the xbox360's firmware that lead to new innovations and progress to a section within the xbox360 hacking scene.

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Halo3 MLG Pro3300d ago

Yup. Some of my friends got caught and just ended up buying another 360 and ended up doing it the right way. Good job Microsoft.

rodeoo3299d ago

First off this is only one side of the story. Second you can safely play pirated games on a offline console, You dont need the new firmware to do this. Finally if ixtreme doesn't release a new free firmware there is always a smart hacker in the wings who will willingly take over the project.

gaffyh3299d ago

When one enemy falls, another stronger enemy rises up and takes his place.

CptBach3299d ago

I think the only way you beat piracy is by not allowing it to happen.. We all know WHO wins against piracy and it sure as hell isnt microsoft

IdleLeeSiuLung3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

Well done Microsoft! I know of two people that got banned and one of them went out and bought another used console at Gamestop and a copy of MW2!

The other, well he can't afford it without a job. Maybe less playing will help him find a job.

There will be new and stronger enemies, but there will be more people that will be banned as well... MS have already shown that they don't mind crippling consoles if you pirate.

IaMs123299d ago

Of course the battle, yes, but the War is still to be fought.

Torkith3299d ago

Consumer buys 360, plays pirated games,gets banned, Consumer buys new 360 plays legit.

That's 2 sales, when really it's only for one person. Just another way for Microsoft to beef up the numbers.

KingME3299d ago

That was a completely idiotic statement.

Okay, how about this one.

Consumer buys a PS3 to play games. Consumer can't play games because consumers mother constantly plays blu-ray movies. Consumer buys another PS3 to play games. Hmmm perhaps this is how sony is padding the numbers. (Generalization to make a point, not an attempt to bash the PS3.)

First off, it doesn't matter what the reason for you buying another console is, if you buy another one, it is a sell and should be counted as a sell. So, please stop with the childish BS and stop being a hater.

If a modder gets busted for breaking the rules, then he should be penalized. I'm sure that if you crack open your PS3 out of curosity or to vacuum it out and then it breaks for something entirely unrelated, you will still be sh!t out of luck if you expect Sony to honor your warranty. So stop being such a fanboy and use some common sense.

Torkith3299d ago

Calm down, I'm just stating some numbers, of course each company has ways of padding there numbers. I do agree with the banning of pirates because it hurts everyone as a whole. Going out to buy another one is cool, that's what I would do, but I don't pirate. If a console breaks down, you buy a new one (usually) then yes it's considered another sale.

I suppose stating MICROSOFT makes me look bad, but this article is about Microsoft not Sony. If Sony had the same article then yes it would be about Sony, I don't see what the problem is, maybe my original statement was fanboyish but this isn't a Sony article.

StanLee3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

You and all your other fanboy brethrens are idiots. The same fanboy brethrens here who claim, "I have 2 PS3s but maybe I'll buy the slim for my living room". As many as you fanboys here claim to have multiple PS3s, how come I never hear you idiots talk about "beefing up" PS3 sales numbers?

Torkith3299d ago

Ugh, didn't think my comment was bad until reading it a few times. Yes I guess I now look like a fanboy, I can't change or edit my original post so it's stuck there now. For the record, I have ONE PS3, ONE 360 and ONE Wii. Yes if one of them broke down I would replace it. My stupid comment was stupid.

TotalPS3Fanboy3299d ago

Pirate: "Microsoft had banned me. Although I am a rebel without a cause, I have learn my lesson. Microsoft have inspired me greatly. I will now go buy another Xbox 360 and will pay genuinely for games for the rest of my life. That banning have let me seen the light."

LOL. Yeah, like a pirate will ever say something stupid like that.

Microsoft Xbox 3603299d ago

Victory? Not so fast. Banned 360's could still play pirated games offline.

jadenkorri3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

its doesn't matter if someone bought 2 or 3 ps3s, its still a sale, same for MS 360, if someone's 360 rrods and instead of waiting just buys a new one, its still a sale. Most fanboys will argue for some odd reason that with the 360's 33% failure rate or 50 or 75 or whatever, seem to think of this equation oh look "# of 360 - 33% = numbers of actual 360's", yeah sry fanboys bad math, people still send those console in for repair and get them back, you don't knock off a sale cause it broke. Glad you corrected yourself at least thou, cause you did look like a fanboy, but we all say and write stuff quickly without realizing.

Pumbli3299d ago

StanLee - You're calling Torkith a fanboy? Oh the irony...

Halo3 MLG Pro3299d ago

"That's 2 sales, when really it's only for one person."

Really? Are you that ignorant??? How about the 2200 ps3's that were sold for supercomputer purposes??? That's 2200 sales and it's only for one company. Essentially 2200 ps3's that lose money with every console sold and ZERO games purchased for it. Nice sony.

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DarkTower8053299d ago

Just look on Craigslist and you'll see many offers to mod your 360 with games for $5 each. You'll even occasionally see offers to unban your 360 from some of the more experienced modders.

MS just did this to boost console sales. They could have done this anytime of the year, but to do it right before all the Black Friday sales is suspicious to say the least.

DelbertGrady3299d ago

MS did it for the developers. Think about all the possible Live revenue they lost by banning people. And a banned 360 still work offline so your argument doesn't make any sense.

*puts on tinfoil hat*

"M$ invented RROD just to sell more consoles!?! And it was all orchestrated by teh government. Who are in fact aliens. Hihihihi!!!"

damnightmare3299d ago

Haha yeah ok

They sent out tons of suspensions and such in September/October and flagged all these consoles for illegitimate play and waited until November to ban them all?

I am more inclined to believe they did do it to push hardware for the holidays. Pirates will just go out and buy a new console since a new firmware is coming out already.

Let's hope Microsoft can step up there game

DarkTower8053299d ago

The RROD was just an unfortunate faulty design problem. MS is still losing money for every RROD console they have to fix.

MS isn't losing much money on the LIVE subscriptions because guess what, if someone has 11/12 months left on their account they're refunds. I know 2 people who got banned, 1 personally and 1 through my PSN friends list, and both of them bought new 360's on Black Friday.

Some banned users are also buying used consoles though, and with those used consoles they also buy new LIVE Gold subscriptions. So tell me again how MS is losing $$$.

Zikron3299d ago

I'm glad Microsoft banned me when they did. If I would have gotten Modern Warfare 2 on the 360 and gotten to level 40 online when the ban came I would probably run out and buy another 360.

IdleLeeSiuLung3299d ago

That is just pure speculation anyhow.

None the less, pirates steal from legitimate gamers by raising the cost of products sold to us by:

a) increasing support cost
b) console manufacturers inability to recoup the cost of the initial loss on the console sold
c) cost of combating piracy

So tell me why it is an issue to ban these consoles? After all these thieves (pirates) are just parasites in the gaming industry!

crck3299d ago

MS loses nothing by banning consoles since they just pocketed the money. They didn't give refunds for unused time on Live. If anything they get to double up if those people buy new consoles because they have to buy another Live Gold membership.

jadenkorri3299d ago

they chose to ban just as Modern Warfare 2 came out, why, because people would want to play online and go quickly to either buy a new 360 or ps3. From what I've read they only banned mostly consoles. Banning the gamertag is your identity online, losing your gamertag is a big deal, more than losing your console. Consoles can be replaced, your gamertag or your online identity can't be. If MS banned gamertags instead for your so called "pirated games", 4 + years of gaming and achievements down the drain, I doubt anyone would return, I know some would, but others would reconsider.

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FishCake9T43299d ago

Typical. "Microsoft just did this to boost console sales". Typical PS3 fanboy response. The amount of PS3 fanboys on this site is killing me, they need to ban some of you.

DarkTower8053299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

The only thing I see on this site is PS3 fanboy this and PS3 fanboy that. It's old already so give it up. It's the 360 fanboys that are ALWAYS the first to bring that fanboy stuff up (yes, look in the mirror). Jumping to defend their console when nobody has said anything.

I wasn't bashing the 360 or it's users, I was bashing MS. Everyone knows that MS has shady business tactics, well apparently not everyone.

So why don't you calm down with the fanboy stuff already. You just make yourself look bad.

hay3299d ago (Edited 3299d ago )

"The amount of PS3 fanboys on this site is killing me"
Then... How much of it will finally kill you? We want to assign resources.

Johnny53299d ago

Hey, why did someone report this story as spam, it clearly isn't whats up with that. Thanks for being a jackass.

i3eyond the Circle3299d ago

They kicked our asses.

They caught most of us in one fel swoop.

I'm no longer modding my systems....I shouldn't have in the first place it just came with a case mod I wanted.

So I stuck with it because I can damn sure purchase any game I want and it looks nicer :D

MW2 360ftw!

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