PlayStation Network Video Delivery Service - The Beginning of the End for Blu-ray?

The Video Delivery Service has been a long time coming to Europe, having originally been announced back in April of 2008. The service launched later that year in North America as part of Sony's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) celebrations, and so it's eventual arrival in Europe has been met with considerable anticipation. Launching with fifty titles available from day one, at a variety of price points and purchase options, it's almost certain that those most eager PlayStation 3 will find something to watch.

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yoghurt3299d ago

No, its there to compliment blu-ray, won't get rid of physical media, digital music has been out ages and CD's are still flying off shelves.

I use itunes and buy some digital music, but i also buy CDs, and more of them as I like something tangible for my money.

Megaton3299d ago

Really? We're still doing these?

Lucreto3299d ago

Not true I think it will complement Blu-ray.

There are some movies that I would not bother the effort to go and rent it but with the video store I can rent it.

butterfinger3299d ago

one of the dumbest ideas for an article, EVER. Blu ray is doing well in the US, and we've had the store for a long time now. These morons at electronictheatre need to get over themselves and learn to write a decent article.

kevco333298d ago

Not actually reading the story before judging it then? Nice to see some things don't change!