Crazy Girl Smashes Lazy Boyfriend's PS3

PSUni: Been playing your PlayStation 3 too much while your girl lies alone in bed? Watch out, she might just bring a hammer to your beloved console.

In the following video, watch the wrath of a young girl, fed up by her boyfriend playing his PlayStation 3 until the early hours of the morning.

The question is whether the video is a set up. If it's real, their performances seem a little contrived. If the video's a fake, their acting isn't of the highest calibre.

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topgeareasy3301d ago

I want my PS3 to be smashed

xaviertooth3301d ago

that girl represent the 360.
- she isn't being played on.

and that burst of anger represents microsoft as a whole.
- they will play dirtiest of the dirty tactics to fight competitors.

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D4RkNIKON3301d ago

I would kill that B*TCH! GTFO of my house! My girl hates that I play so many video games but I pay all of the bills. I kind of feel like I have the right, now if I had no job and spent all day playing.. different story.

LiquifiedArt3301d ago

That is NOT how you handle it and she is putting herself in a dangerous situation. Its a poor choice by the female who feels "Neglected".

cl63AMG3301d ago

Is wayne brady gonna have to choke a b*tch?

Wile3301d ago

"I would kill that B*TCH! GTFO of my house! My girl hates that I play so many video games but I pay all of the bills. I kind of feel like I have the right, now if I had no job and spent all day playing.. different story."

Exactly...Looks like it's her house. She pays the bills. He needs to GTFO of her house and get a job.

Marceles3301d ago

At least that looked more real than the 360 one

"do you have any idea what f*ckin time it is???"
"no why?....get me something to drink"

lmao, good job man...piss her off more telling her to get you something to drink after she greets you with "do you have any idea _________"

GrandTheftZamboni3301d ago

My wife cut my Warhawk case a while ago and hid the disc. Fortunately, it was available on PSN so I bought it the same night. I hope she doesn't come across this article. Can't compare $40 to $300.

Prototype3301d ago

Reason #5 why I chose gaming over women

Venomish3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

edit: *yaawn*

Perjoss3301d ago

i bet his ps3 still works, no problem, but he needs to get a job though lol

Sevir043301d ago

"Chris Brown" that B*tch! and hard too... This B*tch who did that to his PS3 needs her head cut off. if you feel neglected go find some other chap who gives a damn about your p*ssy and you. Dont not take it upon yourself to Smash is 300-600 dollar investment.

Chris Brown Dat B*tch, i swear.

Sarcasm3301d ago

Damn, people got shot for less... GF's got beat down for less... Yeah he might have deserved it, but she's crazy enough to deserve him too. They should have left the PS3 out of this.

SOMEONE THINK OF THE KIDSSSSSS!!! The kidssssss............

Saaking3301d ago

Damn, I'm okay a 360 being smashed, but smashing the machine that only does everything? She should be locked up

ThanatosDMC3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

WTF is her problem? If she's whining that much, couldnt she just leave or play with herself or if it's her place, kick him out.

Btw, did you all notice he's playing Ghost Busters. Is that game worth it?

kalebgray923301d ago

......... that's not the reason

velcry3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

She may have gone overboard in smashing his PS3, but violence against women, or children, or men, or anyone IS NEVER OK.

No one learned anything from the whole Chris Brown thing?

If my GF broke my PS3 that way, that means we have issues. If we can't resolve the issues, we break up. If we can, we get stronger.


The day one of your loved ones get beaten up, you come back here and read your own comments. You'll be disgusted at yourself.

Take my bubbles, I don't care. I thought I was hanging out with other like-minded people who loved games, not immature people who think violence is the answer. You guys would make Jack Thompson's day.

EDIT: rant directed only at those who said violence is ok.

Government Cheese3301d ago

Now it is the Wii's turn to be destroyed by some crazy broad.

sikbeta3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Damn, If was MY GF, I'll spank her ass an entire week...she really don't like that

That's why I'll never get stuck with a girl in MY house, "visit" me when you want, but move to MY House, NEVER!!!


acedoh3301d ago

some of you think it would be okay to get physically violent after that. That shows the lack of maturity and social skills some of you have. Obviously some of you don't have gf's or don't want one. Relationships go both ways. If you think playing videogames for ten hours a day is acceptable social behavior then you really don't need a woman in your life anyway. And if you think that hitting someone is okay behavior I hope the prison welcomes you... Then you won't be able to play any videogames...

shawnsl653301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

totally fake.. YO YO YO YO! u gotta yo yo? YO! I bet you the PS3 still runs after taking that beating.

Bloodraid3301d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't we have the same thing like... a week ago about some girl breaking her boyfriends 360?

Prototype3301d ago

When it comes to violence, all women gotta do is blame PMS or some type of real life drama and they get out of it; what do us guys have to blame? Losing the Super Bowl bets?

Thats why I say #5 because they get away with too much

I have 4 reasons above it but its not fit for a conversation like this

And if your wondering yes I do like women (and lesbians)

Bathyj3301d ago

I dont condone violence against women. Or against men, children, cats or dogs either for that matter.

That said, I hope I never hit a woman, and by that I mean, I hope a woman never puts me in a position where I have to hit her.
Like Chris Rock says, "Aint no one above a good ass whipping."

Action, Reaction. Everyone must obey this law.

I wake up and my woman has a knife to my throat, a beating will be the least she will get, and it would be deserved to.
If she breaks my PS3 without warning or preamble, maybe I'll just spit in her face.

beardpapa3301d ago

after the 360 one.. I think we know for sure now both of them were staged

Noctis Aftermath3301d ago

Some of you need to learn about a thing called humor, if you didn't get that the people who were saying to be violent towards her were all bark and no bite then just don't comment, all you do is turn a funny thread into a serious one and no one wants that.

@velcry: i couldn't care less if you have had some traumatic experience about you or someone you know being beaten up, don't vent here i don't want to read your sh1t, and if you think getting into a fight is the worst thing in the world you need to get out more.

Sub4Dis3301d ago

so idiots do realize this is staged right?

Pillage053301d ago

If a girl ever did that to my ps3...I'd just call the cops...It'd be way too funny to try to see them argue their way out of that one in court.

"bu..bu..bu..but he played it ALL the time!"

DarkTower8053300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

what he needs to do is go in the bedroom, bang it out a couple times, THEN play games after. He's got a fine woman who needs some attention, a guy like him might be liable to get cheated on real quick.

Xgamerzus3300d ago

LOL honestly trashy people deserve trash!!
looked like a stupid Female with a low life leech BF!!
reminds me of Britney and Kevin the early years LOL

Both are equally responsible for this outcome!!!
PS3 is an innocent by standard .POOOOOOOR PS3!!!! AWWWWWEEEE!!!!!

Honestly most electronic gadgets are just a pathetic attempt to pacify us from real problems of this world as the divorce rate is steadily bad, Jobless recovery, Education cutts and more MEN live with parents play games all day, kids get Obese, people stay home on couch have more kids etc...
What Im trying to say is get off your butts play games moderately and do sports get educated and live life take chances

LMAO like any of you mommas boys no what the heck im talkin about lol...

lightningsax3300d ago

Let me get this straight. A camera is just running in someone's room at the right angle, that video just happened to be uploaded to YouTube, and the title just happens to suggest that a "hot Asian girl" is looking for attention from the internet?

I'm going to just happen to yawn.

Elimin83300d ago (Edited 3300d ago )

3:AM, She does not know where her boyfriend is but she might have an Idea where he is on the couch playing loud @55 video game and, not know? Did you even think of looking for him or calling him? and their acting was bad. he yelled way before she did what she did. I would not hit my girl for that but i bet you she would think twice before fking up my ps3....

FACTUAL evidence3300d ago

Rough sex is the best way to teach that b!tch a lesson!

Skip_Bayless3300d ago

This seems more real than the xbox version. The white girl was hotter than this asian girl too haha.

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LiquifiedArt3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

Stop moving into places with BOYFRIENDS and GIRLFRIENDS. How about you become as close as possible. Actually have fun with each other (that isn't sex related). Then marry and move in together.

If you have to resort to this immaturity, your not ready for a relationship and SURE as hell NOT READY for any type of COMMITMENT to ANYONE.

Very Stupid Girl, whos modern age thinking seems to pass over the (Size/Strength) facts. Woman act tough, until some guy trounces them and then all of a sudden "but i'm a girl." If you want to be equal with men then when doing things like this, you best expect EQUAL treatment.

Your asking to be hurt and it would be YOUR fault if the dude flipped his lid. You'd be considered the aggressor.

typikal823301d ago

why buy the cow?

I agree about the maturity though.

Saaking3301d ago

Couldn't agree more. I don't like the fact that certain girls try to act all tough, yet when a guy looses it (you know it sometimes happens) and beats them like a guy they go whining about how he took advantage. IF they KNOW that a man is stronger than a woman then why the hell do they go looking for trouble in the first place!?

nefertis3301d ago

Alman if my girl did that I will do a lisa lopez and burn her crib down.

Noctis Aftermath3301d ago

@saaking: it's because women expect that the guy won't hit them, and then when he does they are like "wtf!"
A man can hit another man over something completely trivial, so if you go pushing his buttons it can happen to a woman alot easier then you might think.

In no way do i think you should hit a woman, but that's not to say one shouldn't defend themselves if the occasion ever occurred.

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FishCake9T43301d ago

At least it didnt have Uncharted 2 inside.

OtherWhiteMeat3301d ago

LOL I'd be more embarrassed being caught playing Ghostbusters.

Anon19743301d ago

Was there something wrong with Ghostbusters? I loved it and thought it was a must play for any Ghostbusters fan.

typikal823301d ago

I read the port to the PS3 wasn't that great of quality

Anon19743301d ago

I heard some people nitpicking about Ghostbusters as well but it was all way overblown. The game was a bit short but a helluva lot of fun. Some even went so far as to declare it one of the best movie based games ever made. It ended up with a review score on metacritic of 78 and that was before Terminal Reality released a patch that tweaked the graphics, so you know there wasn't anything seriously wrong with it. Having finished the game myself on my PS3 I'd have to agree maybe not a buy due to it's length but definitely worth a rent for Ghostbusters fans if you've got a free weekend sometime.

The forums really blew the whole issue way out of proportion. There wasn't a thing wrong with the game. A couple of blurred textures on one version compared to another? Please.

kalebgray923301d ago

only liked the movies when i was a kid.... a kid

iceman063301d ago

Ghostbusters was not nearly as horrible as the reviews made it sound. It was kinda short, but fun nonetheless. Absolutely a must play for anyone that is a fan of the movies. The story really felt like it could have been the next movie. Script was pretty good for a game. Even the online had some entertainment.

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pimpmaster3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

that hurt my heart a little watching that. lol poor ps tripple , its the boyfriends fault not the ps3s