Lost Odyssey Developer Working on PS3 No More Heroes

Suda 51's Grasshopper studio is not going to be working on No More Heroes for HD consoles, because it has been outsourced to Feelplus, one of the main developers on Lost Odyssey.

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lalalala3178d ago

I thought Mistwalker was the main developer for LO?

hay3178d ago

Nah. Mistwalker outsourced all the coding and modeling stuff.

Milky3178d ago

Hope they do it well!

Sevir043178d ago

which really means Mistwalker really hasn't done much developing on Next gen consoles.

Heldrasil3178d ago

Isn't FeelPlus the studio that MS created to assist in the LO develpment?

gaffyh3178d ago

Yeah, but I think they stayed independent though.

Tony P3178d ago

If anyone's wondering, they aren't *only* handling the PS3 version like the article makes it sound for some reason.