Rumor: PSPgo to get UMD drive add-on

Third party peripheral company Logitech is working on a UMD drive add-on for the PSPgo, a source has told CVG.

Neither a price or release date was given, but we were told that the device will plug into the PSPgo, allowing users to play their UMD games on the portable.

"The only problem is that it'll make the PSP a little bulky", said CVG source.

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PotNoodle3272d ago

What an extremely stupid rumour, but if it is true - Logitech are complete idiots.

StanLee3272d ago

Very stupid rumor. Surprised CVG is the source since they don't publish irresponsible rumors.

Sangria3272d ago

Which probably means their source is reliable, as they do what they usually don't: starting rumors.

STK0263272d ago

yay! an UMD add-on that will make the Go bulky! The only good thing about the Go is that, unlike my 2000 (and the 1000 it replaced), it can fit in my pocket, but not anymore, oh the joy.

seriously, I guess it can be good for Go-only owners, since some games are not on the store, but I doubt it will be a good seller.

darthv723272d ago

I would like to see a USB UMD drive attached to a ps2/ps3 to play games/movies. Sony should have made one themselves. It would be small like a portable minidisc player but really only have two slots. One for the UMD itself and the other for a MSProDuo (for game saves).

I would have bought it. Even if it was $50+.

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mattygamefreak3272d ago

The PSP Go wasn't intended for a replacement to the current PSP 3000. It was simply an extra choice for the person that is on ( forgive me for pun ) the go.

When the PSP first came out people said UMD was a stupid format. PSP Go takes a DD path and people call it stupid.

What format do games have to be for these stupid critics to be happy with the PSP? It has an extensive library of games by now and they're great.

I have not heard one person that actually owns a PSP Go complain about it. From a person that plays both a 3000 and Go, I prefer the Go simply because it feels much more comfortable.

Shmithy1013272d ago

I wouldn't know because i have yet to purchase a PSP, but i completely agree. I love the original PSP's design, it's cheaper and i prefer physical copies of my games so i will most likely be picking up the 3000 early next year. All i care about at the moment is getting my hands on Peace Walker!

gamingisnotacrime3272d ago

that way i can FInally buy Crisis Core, which is not up in the PSN store for some reason.

hatchimatchi3272d ago


I'd buy one for sure, i didn't realize the psn store was lacking so badly in the psp department. All i have is a go, i'm glad i bought it but there are lots of games i wanna play and i don't feel like waiting to see if they'll make it to the psn.

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thief3272d ago

I think its a good idea. Not sure how it works, but would someone who owned the old PSP and upgraded to Go be able to play his old UMD games otherwise?

ReBurn3272d ago

Not sure I'd call replacing a previous model PSP with a PSPGo an upgrade, but that's just me.

hazelamy3271d ago

if you've got a 1000 psp and want to upgrade a go with a umd drive might be a good choice.
it has the tv output options and the ability to play games with a sixaxis, neither option is supported in my psp.

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The story is too old to be commented.