Video: Pac-Man Championship Edition

First footage from tomorrow's Xbox Live Arcade release.

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Plasmana4210d ago

Please take your Ritalin

marionz4210d ago

i have had my 360 over a year and havnt seen one single arcade game worth buying! well maybe castlevania
but im not gonna waste HD space with half the rubbish games they put out.

BIadestarX4210d ago

Not one arcade game worth buying? how about:

Geometry Wars
Alien Hominid HD
Mad Tracks

mmm.. base on the review many of these games... some people would disagree with you. but then again... not everyone is into arcade games. Maybe they are not for you man.

Hectic_Kris4210d ago

It is already on the marketplace?? and i was wrong it is wayyy diffrent i enjoy it ;)

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