Nintendo Now: CoD: Modern Warfare Reflex Review

If you want a new first person shooter in your library, then Modern Warfare: Reflex is the shooter to buy. You'll be playing the same exact game as you would if you owned a 360 or PS3, just a little less shiny. Call of Duty is a must have game this holiday season and it's a shame it hasn't been receiving any press from Activision or Treyarch, it really deserves it.

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sak5003296d ago

I would like to see someone play this on wii for 6 hours straight. This game will bomb sales wise due to 99% casual gamers owning wii.

ChickeyCantor3296d ago

WaW sold over a million...

yes it is, its meant to be mainstream as hell.

EvilTwin3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Umm, I already have put in marathon sessions of 5-6 hours. Next?

As for the review itself, I think it's almost spot-on. COD:MWR is pretty much the exact same game, minus a few cuts that had to be made. No one thought it could even run on Wii, yet there it is. And it does look good in motion with great controls.

The reviewer is correct about how much the art style makes up for other graphical shortcomings, but I don't see how this game out-techs Conduit. For all of its faults, there was still a really amazing engine powering that game.

na-no-nai3296d ago

such hatred for casual gamer. well i dont play games as much how i used to be but there is a point in time when people dont always have time esp if they have a job and classes to attend
beside many of us start as casual gamer